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  1. A

    best pc case in 5 to 6 k budget ?

    i am looking for a case which can fit dual 120 mm radiator and has a nice air flow and dust filter's and good looks please suggest me one right now i like s340 but its not in stock
  2. sam_738844

    Sony has just announced their latest PlayStation Flow.

    PlayStation Flow combines PS4 gaming with real-life swimming. When you get to an underwater section of a game like The Last of Us Remastered you can hit pause, head to your nearest pool, dive in and resume playing through PlayStation Flow. With underwater environments in games becoming more and...
  3. ico

    Pen Suggestion - Pilot V5 alternative

    I'm a Pilot V5 pen user. For those who don't know, this is Pilot v5 - Pilot V5 (Pack of 2) - Flipkart.com The pen is expensive, costs Rs. 50 in pack of 3. Rs. 70 stand alone. But the ink is Rs. 10 and can refill upto 4 pens. Now the problem which I face these days is, the quality of their inks...
  4. anirbandd

    IEM within 1k

    Hi All, I want an IEM within 1k [+/- Rs. 50]. For listening to music during workout. Sound/Build quality must the best in the price range. Lets the suggestions flow in!! :) Thanks all.
  5. S

    Sony 47" W800A vs Sony 46"W950A

    Hey Guys, I have finally narrowed down my choice to these 2 TV's. Here i am just trying to contemplate if it is worth paying the extra 30k for the W950A. I have demoed both the sets and here are my opinion. I used Avengers bluray rip on both the TV's at the showroom. Honestly could...
  6. vickybat

    Sillicon may get replaced for indium-gallium-arsenide in chips

    3D III-V Transistors Could Enable Lighter Notebooks Yup guys, scientists say indium-gallium-arsenide has superior electron flow resulting in smaller and efficient chips. Read the link for more detail.:)
  7. K

    LG LV3730 or Samsung UA 32D5900VR?

    Hello friends..Planning to buy an led tv. After some search I narrowed my selections to these 2 models. Both are Smart TV. Almost all features are some except that LG has magic motion flow remote control. But I guess Samsung has its brand name and gives more quality than LG? I am really...
  8. A

    problem with ms access queries n model

    I have an ms access file which has around 15 queries and a few tables. It was created by someone else and now i am to take care of it. Now i am having problem relating all the queries and getting the flow. Is there a way where in u can maybe get a diagrammatic representation of the queries and...
  9. sharma_atul85

    Need your suggestiongs for 32" LG LCD TV

    Hi friends, Need your valuable suggestions . LG 32LD460 LCD TV - Latest member of the Jazz Series LCD TV's. - LG Electronics IN Above is the link for the LG 32" TV and it costs us @ 33K Please review this one. And please do flow your suggestions if anything better for the more...
  10. pr.itdude

    Hows my blog ??

    Hey guyz.... just 4 fun and to express myself...i have created a blog, actually two...:lol: Below is the link...... http://itstechnfun.blogspot.com have a look and tell me hows it ?? How can i improve this....flow in ur suggestions....!!!:-)
  11. redhat

    Need Sci Calc software for Smartphone

    I own an HTC Touch with WM 6.0. I need a Scientific Calculator on my Phone for my study purposes. I would prefer a free one, I already have Calc98 from Flow Simulation and it is pretty good, but I need more features, like Graphical functions and Differential and Integral Calculus solver. Can...
  12. D

    Side panel Fans Air flow

    In which direction should the air flow from the 2 fans which i have at the side of my cabinet. Whether they should suck air from inside of cabinet or blow air inside the cabinet And i also have a powersupply fan at the back of my cabinet which blows air outside
  13. iMav

    The Bourne Ultimatum

    Just saw this movie and its awesome .. paisa wasool movie ... nice action .... really smart script .... there are quite a few scenes where u will laugh at the smartness shown by the protege played by mat dmaon ... stuff he does in the movie is amazing .... u dont get bored in the script the...
  14. dreams

    Any queries related to Symantec can go here !!!

    Hi guys, I work for Symantec and I would like to Support our digit guys too..So any queries related to Symantec Products like NIS, NAV or N360 can go here.. Giv me some time and wil mk sure ur issue gets resolved. Let's get the Queries flow.. TIA NOTE - If this is not the right...
  15. S

    [By Demand] - Digit May 2007

    Let the requests flow...
  16. aryayush

    Apple iTunes updated to 7.1 (full screen Cover Flow)

    Hello! :) Software Update told me today morning that iTunes and QuickTime have been updated. I am downloading them now. Here is the description: DOWNLOAD And here are the 'first impressions' on the new iTunes: Read more...
  17. S

    Create Water Flow Effect

    Hi , This is my first post in the forums.I have been reading the forums since last one year. I wanted to know , how can I create the water flow effect as it can be seen in Digit February 2007 CD/DVD autorun software.It is made in flash, so can people from DIGIT post a tutorial for it?It would...
  18. S

    Easily make flow diagrams

    Easy 2 Make Flow Diagram http://go2web2.blogspot.com Just a quick recommendation for a very good service that will let you build flow diagrams, the easiest way. Check out bubble.us, a nice flash based application. Simply sign in and start create your...
  19. J

    Cabinet/Case Fans - Direction of Air Flow

    Cabinet/Case Fans are a common subject in the forums. For eg. Inlet in the front bottem and exhaust/outlet in the top back. So my two questions are- 1. Can the same fan be used as inlet and oulet, by changing the direction, since logically it seems so? 2. How to know the direction of air...
  20. C

    (Cable+Current)->TV Tuner = ?????

    Hello friends... Till last week it was fine..From yesterday there is heavy flow of current in our cable wires..I have connected the cable wire to my Pinnacle TV Tuner card. Now the picture quality is not at all clear in my system. :( :( :( Is there any harm to my system because there is...
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