1. Aravind Ram

    How to watch MKV file format videos in Sony Bravia R302D Tv?

    I have a Sony Bravia R302D 32" TV. In my TV, when I try to watch videos from my USB Pen Drive connected to the TV, sometimes some .MKV format files become unsupported but not all MKV files. Only a few MKV files get unsupported. I have watched some other videos of the same .MKV filetype in the...
  2. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Phone lost USB connection abilities

    My SM-J701F (Galaxy J7 Nxt) suddenly stopped connecting to any PC I connect it with. I've tried changing PCs and USB cables, it just keeps charging itself and neither of them detect a connection. The last time I had connected it was during a failed root attempt with KingRoot, but nothing seemed...
  3. O

    Panasonic TH-49CX400DX UHD TV not playing 4K videos over USB

    I have tried H.264 (AVC and AAC) with .mp4 container I have also tried H.265 I have converted videos using Pavtube HD Video Convertor to different profiles (Panasonic TVs, Matroska Videos and a few custom made Matroska profiles). None of these worked My TV, for the record, does play Matroska...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Create bootable USB drives the easy way !

    Hai, Create bootable USB drives the easy way Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. It can be especially useful for cases where: you need to create USB installation media from bootable...
  5. quicky008

    Very slow transfer speeds while using pci based USB expansion card

    I had an old 4 port pci Usb expansion card lying around that i recently installed on one of my computers in order to supplement the quantity of available usb ports in it.The box in which the card was contained states that it supports USB 2.0.Despite being rather old,the card was detected in...
  6. B

    Using E/USB token as mass storage

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to store and retrieve files other than certificates in USB etoken? I would like to use it as read-only USB flash disk. Also how to copy/make an image of the certificates in an etoken to hdd or to another pendrive? Thanks
  7. Chetan1991

    Looking for the best USB 3.0 hub within 1 to 1.5k

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a compact USB 3.0 hub. I've found this TP Link 4 port hub, which seems pretty nice, but isn't powered. Is there any other USB 3.0 hub in 800 to 1500 range with good build quality and power support as well?
  8. C

    Frequent USB disconnection

    Hi I have a serious problem with our main power supply; gets power fluctuations every 1or2 min(micro stutters) and every time this happens the UPS makes the switch sound and soon after the USB devices(mouse,keyboard,pendrive even video playback) hangs for 1or2 secs and its back to normal. i...
  9. rohitshakti2

    Buying phone upto 9K and USB tethering problem

    Hi friends, I want to purchase a new phone for my wife with good battery life, pls tell how is 3S prime (Rs.9K) compared to Redmi note 4 (Rs.10K). Secondly, I am using K3 note via usb to surf internet on pc using Jio. But the net disconnects and comes back off and on. I checked and found...
  10. A

    Toshiba 39L3300 LED TV Error Message. Help

    Hi Guys My 2 and half year old Toshiba 39L3300 has been displaying the following error message since last evening (screenshot attached): 'USB Over Current Status Detected. Please remove all USB devices from the TV, and Restart the TV by removing the AC Adapter'. I only use Tata Sky with the...
  11. S

    Suggest Full HD LED TV around 30k

    Need a Full HD TV around 30k budget. Smartness is optional. Screen size : 32 or 40 inch Any Model in mind: 1. Vu 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV (H40K311, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) 2. LG 80cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV (32LH604T, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) 3. SAMSUNG 80cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV...
  12. V

    Wireless gaming mouse, headset and keyboard + Wired headset

    Hi guys, I'm planning to connect my windows tablet to the TV and play CS:GO. So I am looking to buy wireless peripherals. I do not want to spend a lot on the top-of-line stuff and I'm quite ok with cheap to mid range products. A total spend of not more than 10k for all 4 devices would be...
  13. sandynator

    Suggest a PC Cabinets without Power Supply under 2k.

    I need a good quality PC cabinet[without SMPS] especially the Front USB & Audio Ports around Rs.2000/- My current Circle CC546 has developed problem in 1 yr with front Audio Port & sometimes Front USB goes Haywire. Prime ABGB has the Antec VSk 4000 @2k & I need to know if there is any...
  14. hari1

    Suggest an ADSL+WAN+USB router

    Please suggest a cheap ADSL+WAN+USB router. I want to use the USB port to tether internet from my phone to get wifi in the entire house(mainly for using Jio 4G). I searched for it and got this router TENDA-TE-D303-Wireless-ADSL2-Modem-Router. But there is no guarantee phone tethering over USB...
  15. K

    Need TV for SHOP, 32 inch under 30K.

    1. Budget: Max 30k 2. Display type and size: Under 32 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor: To run a photo slideshow off a USB for 6-8 hours daily. TV should have inbuilt slideshow options/features. 4. Ports Required: 1 HDMI, 1 USB (2 USB preferred) 5. Preferred choice of brand: Sony, Samsung...
  16. Ironman

    [Buying Advice Needed ]Data Card - Dongle - Compatible with Jio 4G

    As far as my Knowledge Goes: Jio 4G requires 4G LTE (FDD and TDD - Both) Bands 850 / 1800 / 2300 - Mhz (All Three) Band Selection & Usage Depends Upon Availability and Network Signal . Please Tell me Which Data Card to Buy , Which Company , From Where etc . By Data Card i Mean...
  17. wwwescape

    HDMI cables and USB OTG cables

    Please suggest me a good HDMI cable to connect my set-top-box and PS3 to my TV. I've heard that AmazonBasics HDMI cables are good but they are expensive. Also please suggest a good USB OTG cable that can be used on Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and Redmi phones or tablets. Thanks.
  18. K

    How to find out?

    Hi Guys, How to find out the place in which the drivers of USB stick, USB WIFI MODEM, MOBILE have been installed and how to uninstall them?
  19. bad_till_bones

    Best mobile phone car charger

    Hi, Looking for a fast n reliable mobile phone car charger. Mobile - Redmi note 3. Tried USB port charging via a USB cable, but it did not work. Have heard the cigarette port chargers are fast. Please recommend one. Budget - around Rs. 500. Thanks in advance.
  20. sling-shot

    Which is the best replacement for OEM SONY USB cable?

    My Sony provided charger/data USB cable has gone kaput because of being frayed near the MicroUSB end. Searching for a replacement Sony cable online did not yield any results. Is there anywhere I can get an OEM Sony cable? If not, is there any good cable that fits the Sony port properly...
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