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The best game ending is given to black ops
The Guinness world record for the best game ending goes to : Call of Duty – Black Ops |


Legend Never Ends
the last 4 or 5 missions were amazing to play. Nothing could be predicted before hand.
Not everyone likes this game but I enjoy it everytime I play :)

btw some games seem to have come too low [gta 4, and Halo combat evolved which wasnt even on list :shock:]
I can safely say Halo combat evolved had a ending exponentially better than Crysis 2

edit: looks like my eyes are failing. misread it.
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i have played halo but not crysis so cant compare but halo ending was great, it should be there.... :(


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I wonder why this game was winner. I mean its a personal question. Maybe the decision was biased. My best ending is for POP Games and AC games.


Legend Never Ends
good, time to pick up a copy :) ,
BTW , how is MP in Black Ops? good server available?

Thats something debatable. All I know from friends is that it had servers in Malaysia and Singapore, Hong Kong side.

So the pings there is more important. Also most players are busy in Modern Warfare 3 now.

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