Best DVD Writer ?

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Hi Friends......I know this question must have been asked many times before....But I want to know the latest review.......I am planning to buy a DVD Writer for my Second PC........I already have a Sony DVD Writer....and till date there have been no issues with it......I want a DVD Writer that gives Warranty for at least a year.....having a capability of burning advanced disks like Blue Ray Disc....also it should not be costly...........also there should not be any pain in neck while getting replacements in case of any damage....Also I say in NAGPUR, Maharasthra......So kindly let me know the service stations in Nagpur for the DVD Writers.


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But definitely not samsung octoedge technology.its really poor since the drive door doesnt open until u hit the button atlest 3-4 times in my case. mine is 1.5 yrs old writer.
lite-on is really good......try it


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Ponmayilal said:
yep, Liteon LH-20A1P487C but don't know whether it can write blueray discs ????

Are bhai forget about Blu-Ray . Blu-Ray writer are very costly right now.

BTW why you want it

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Currently lite-on LH-20A1P is the best.u will get it at around rs.1.5 k.Also u seem to be a bit confused.u can't write bluray disc on dvd writer.I personally have liteon & haven't faced any prob with it.


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Let me tell you some facts.
1.lite-on is the best,it's 20x model will cost around 1.5k and comes with 1 year warranty.It will write almost evrery DVD format but not blu-ray and HD-DVD.

2.No single lens can write both normal DVD and blu-ray\HD DVD.When you buy a blu-ray burner it is essential a combination of normal dvd-writer and blu ray writer.So you should wait for prices to come down and then purchace a blu-ray only writer.

3.The prices of blu-ray\hd DVD writers are more than a normal desktop PC to the tune of 30k-40k.It is expected to come down within 5k-10k within a year or so.So wait.But you happen to have more money than you can ever possibly spend then please do buy this and please gift me a Ferrari(even the low end model will do).


Just recently I bought Liteon DVD Writer for 1.6k its pretty cool. I would advise you to go for Liteon. Its 20x and pretty cool.
Blu Ray Writers are very expensive. I dont know why you want to buy that at this point of time though I should admit that since you want to go for advance one it sounds good however its too expensive. approx $500.


Lite On Rocks ,,,,,,,,,

Since almost 2 years,
writes like a charm till today
still no lens problem,

My old samsung CD writer lens was gone two times in warranty itself,
and in the second time it crushed my costly original Game CD of Deus Ex into fragments, i even couldnt c those, and then i said bye bye to it......

After that,
Me and Samsung Drive = 36 #

And i like to hug my Liteon DVD writer when it burns Audio CDs in less then 3 min..... WOW


i also want to buy DVD RW,
but lite on brand`s writers r not available here,only LG`s here,

so how can i get it,i m living in ahmedabad.

so,plz tell me the nearest citis frm where i can buy it.


The Lite-on DVD Writer mentioned above is ATA/IDE right? Does using SATA DVD writer (which costs about 400 more) make any significant difference in speed, etc?



SAkumar the one that I bought is a SATA DVD writer. I dont think there is much difference as far a speed is concerned. The big thing is nowadays the new motherboards are coming with only one IDE Interface so it's better if you go for a SATA Drive. The difference here in our city is Rs 200 for IDE/ATA and SATA which i dont think is a big difference.


I am using LG DVD-writer for last 8 months without any problem. It also has service centers across whole India.
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