1. ashu888ashu888

    [QUERY] Looking to buy TCL's new 55 Inch 4K TV (exclusively available from

    Hello Readers, The recently "Amazon only launched" TCL branded televisions are low on price with a range of options starting from Full HD, Curved (Full HD) and the 55 inch 4K tv (priced at Rs.48,990/-). Whereas it's bigger players like SONY, Samsung and LG are way too costly averaging around...
  2. Vyom

    Looking to find The game "Blur"

    So my cousin found out about this game.. and wants me to play it. I being a 'genuine game player' now, I want to buy it instead of p!rating it. But the game is not to be found anywhere. Its from Activision. On Amazon it's very costly. Any place where I can buy it on sale price...
  3. A

    Netgear Nighthawk R7000, Network Coverage Issue ?

    I am uploading an diagram of my house and the kind of coverage I am getting. Please see and comment ! I am not very happy with this kind of performance from such a costly router.v:-x
  4. avinandan012

    Noctua NH D14

    Any one knows where can I find Noctua NH D14/ other products in India?? Importing from US is way too costly cause shipping charges are high.
  5. Ricky

    Wireless ergonomic keyboard mouse combo

    Hi, Its kind of surprising that there arn't many choices for ergonomic keyboard, I am doing research / search online from last 2 hours and there is nothing cost effective yet ergonomic I am able to find. What I found is Microsoft natural 4000 on snapdeal for Rs. 3120 but its USB keyboard...
  6. akhilc47

    Suggest accessories for Lumia 720

    1. 16 GB memory card. Idk about the different classes and all, so just suggest the best one. 2. wireless charging accessories required- please mention the price of this one. I may not buy this if too costly since it's not that important to me. 3. Case and a screenguard Forget the wireless...
  7. navpreetsingh459

    Vertu has launched a smartphone at Rs 5.8 lakh

    Smartphone at Rs 5.8 lakh, the Vertu Ti will run on Android 4.0, what you think about this very costly phone??
  8. N

    How to catch mouse

    A small mouse entered my house. How can I trap the mouse? I am using traps but he is changing his movement daily. There are lot of traps on Amazon but it is very costly for us to buy. Is there any good trap available in India? I don't prefer glue traps.
  9. D

    Monitor for 12k urgent

    Hey guys I want to buy a monitor for max12k, for gaming and general use.I have shortlisted two monitors LG IPS 235V (ips) and BENQ GW2450HM (VA) and i dont want to go with Dell u23**hm or u24**hm because they are costly. so please suggest me which one is better vfm or any other monitor available...
  10. S

    In ear headphones

    Hi,M looking for best in ear headphones for my HTc desire x arnd 1k can't afford to buy Beats headphone as they are way to costly & also their availablity is less in india.
  11. N

    Lenovo after sales support??

    Thinking to buy either Lenovo Z570 or Inspiron 15R in next 15-20 days. The thing which is tempting me towards Z570 is its configuration which is available at around 42.5k. But is it really worthy to purchase as I have heard that after sales service is not that much good if compared with Dell...
  12. dashing.sujay

    Which pen drive to go for?

    Guys, I'm planning to buy a 16GB pen drive. My only concern is, it should be fast enough, and of course not too costly :D Earlier I thought to go for Corsair, but they are very costly, so now I have narrowed my search to this This one is 3.0. Any comments and suggestions?
  13. samudragupta

    retrieve data?

    hello friends, i may be posting in the wrong section but i just have a general question. My laptops motherboard is dead and it wont turn on. I dont want to replace the mb, since its costly. My question is can i retrieve data of my hard drive. And any idea how much it may cost. Thanks in advance.
  14. ss max

    Sony vaio discussion/owners thread

    Freinds , mostly there are disscussion about hp and dell , but what about vaio , are there any laptops in vaio to compete with others , because sony is known much for their build quality (though costly). Freinds if someone of you have vaio, do tell about user experiance . Do we have any vaio...
  15. bssunilreddy

    Motherboards with PCI Express 3.0

    Hi, Already MB's with PCI Express 3.0 support have come from ASRock and MSI but they might be very costly, only to enthusiasts. Source:ASRock-*
  16. A

    assembling a laptop..?? huh?

    hey guys i have assembled my own PC like 5 times now.. been doing it since i was 9... but i never heard anyone every talk about assembling a laptop... so just wanted to know that is it not possible or very difficult to do it..?? Cos i was thinking of getting one for myself... i really loved...
  17. satyamy

    Need a Scan Document Management Software.... ?

    Hello, My friend need a software to manger his Scan Documents I googled & found a software "Inforouter" but its too much costly need a similar cheap software just for use in 1 PC (no server / client) Please suggest........
  18. papul1993

    Is it really worth buying a costly mobile phone?

    The topic says it. Do we really need a phone that costs >15k or even >20k? What about those in the 18-25 age group? I am pretty sure you dont have a job, so do you really need such a costly phone?
  19. A

    shipping woes

    my bro in US (Utah) needs to send a dvd to me in delhi and the chepect option availabe by local post is $70. which is actually very costly. please suggest cheaper ways to chip to india.
  20. cooldude666666

    AGP Graphics Card in the range of 2k - 3k

    Please suggest me some good AGP based graphics cards which are not much costly, say in the budget of 2k - 3k.
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