1. S

    Need help to buy Washing machine

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a washing machine and preference is for a front-loader. We are looking for two (my parents who stay in Nagpur (sometimes 4 when we go). The usual load - shirts, trousers, bedsheets, pillow covers etc. and the usage would probably be restricted to once a week...
  2. R

    GTX 560 or GTX 560 TI?

    I Just Registered here after seeing GTX 560 and 6850 one Post. Have an i5 2500k in mind with GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 Board and PSU yet to decide.. For GPU I Dont Like ATI that much, i am Confused which one to pick 2 GB GTX 560 or 1 GB GTX 560 TI? Main Problem is From Where to Buy?? I am From Nagpur...
  3. D

    DCC Nagpur

    Digit Community chapter Nagpur is exclusive for people from Nagpur. Get updated on the latest happening in the Nagpur community from meets to chats and technology shopping sprees :)
  4. R

    Frogs married off in Nagpur to invite rains

    Source Times of India Desperate times call for desperate measures. With rains playing truant, delaying its progress to Vidarbha, people in Nagpur are rallying with traditional methods even though it would make purists squirm. On Saturday morning a sizeable crowd, consisting largely of women...
  5. M

    Anyone facing Airtel blackouts in mah circle !!!!!

    For the past few days in nagpur ,,, there have been numerous blackouts i.e . the signal just disappeared on the airtel network or in some cases the signal was present but the mobile showed that access was denied to the network .... sometimes for as long as half an hour or so ... anyone facing...
  6. paragkalra

    Best DVD Writer ?

    Hi Friends......I know this question must have been asked many times before....But I want to know the latest review.......I am planning to buy a DVD Writer for my Second PC........I already have a Sony DVD Writer....and till date there have been no issues with it......I want a DVD Writer that...
  7. N

    pen drive????

    is buying transend v20 or v30 worth?? i gues it is a slow speed drive transend 160 or 168 series is not available in nagpur... they says there doesnt exist such drives... pls suggest some high speed drives....
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