"ASTROLOGY" - A big Bluff Game - Researchers !!

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Sorry mate....try to understand..this topic is sensitive for some ppl...


Still on thanks dude..urs where like a cold wind to brain...beja fry was cooled...thanks mate...


in your face..

This thread is one good example of EXCELLENT modding and bonhomie.

Someone looses his head and starts abusing. Mod, intervenes correctly, and bans him. The former realises his mistakes and apologises, showing he has got the guts to admit mistake - bravo. The abused, welcomes the former abuser with much humiliy - bravo

Mod realises the spirit and lifts ban - amazing.

Wish all the mods on all the forums were like this.



left this forum longback
see,@madjeri,I got nothing against you...we all got irritated..hence :)

Even,I am deleting my last post


naveen_preloaded said:
Next give us article which has some scientific base... not a sh!t likethis..a self made , baseless article, with nothing to back it on...

and to saythe truth.. it made only "7 digg"
straight quote from digg.com :
Its amazing actually that people look up to "digs" these days to "back" their "own" opinion and if an article is self-made or baseless! :D
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