1. Zangetsu

    IRCTC website 'hacked', personal details of lakhs feared stolen

    According to a report in India Today, IRCTC officials also fear that details including phone numbers, date of birth and other such information "have been sold in a CD for Rs 15,000 for whosoever was interested." Source : IRCTC website 'hacked', personal details of lakhs feared stolen -...
  2. Renny

    Passport problem

    Docs needed: Address proof - Voter ID (No problen here) Non ECR proof - SSLC marks card (have it, but problematic) Date of birth (DOB) proof - Birth certificate (have it, but problematic) The problem is that the birth dates mentioned on my birth certificate and SSLC marks card differ by...
  3. shift

    Egyptian woman gives birth to septuplets

  4. naveen_reloaded

    "ASTROLOGY" - A big Bluff Game - Researchers !!

    I will say this is the first ever considerable victory for all aethiest and to mankind !!! Without doubt astrology is proved as fake or a game of bluff ... and Existence GOD will also be proved as just not more than illusion soon.... GO SCIENCE !!!! read more and stop reading all those...
  5. ctrl_alt_del

    Work Permit in France, Some Questions.

    Does one require to have a birth certificate to get a work permit in France? I have my birth date reflected in my 10th and +2 certificate as well as in passport. Will that be sufficient enough? From what I know, one is required to report at the town hall of the specific city in France on...
  6. V

    Date Of Birth

    How to change my date of birth in Digit Forum...??? Please give me the steps..
  7. Vyasram

    Your date of birth can change

    * cool and one question, how did so many ppl change their names here
  8. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    How to of birth in yahoo mail...

    How to of birth in yahoo mail... When i Edit my Account i cant See DOB it sayss Birthdate: Not displayed for security reasons Plz Help Me
  9. harikatt

    Any body want to grab digit and chip copies from its birth

    hi. i am a regular subscriber from past days, I have all the copies from the past birth of the chip and digit monthly copies. I am wish to sell all of them even with including the CD.s and DVD along with them. Is anybody interested in having them all ,,, :p
  10. V


    Is there any software to find out the exact age.. day of birth etc etc ?
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