1. H

    Horary astrology and vaastu expert website

    Guys, I have started a new Horary astrology and vaastu expert website. (For serious cases only) Now this service is in India. Those who need astrology service, but cant meet an astrologer due to your schedule, then this service is for you. Horary astrology is very popular in Europe, America and...
  2. naveen_reloaded

    "ASTROLOGY" - A big Bluff Game - Researchers !!

    I will say this is the first ever considerable victory for all aethiest and to mankind !!! Without doubt astrology is proved as fake or a game of bluff ... and Existence GOD will also be proved as just not more than illusion soon.... GO SCIENCE !!!! read more and stop reading all those...
  3. almighty

    Hindi websites

    Hey mates can any one tell me any website which has hindi fonts .... I want some articles on astrology but that sud be written hi hindi...I googled but no relevant answer i get... please suggest me any blog or website which is purely based on hindi and has lots of content.... It wud be...
  4. rajat22

    Free Vedic Astrology Software,Jagannatha Hora 7.02

    Jagannatha Hora 7.02 Vedic Astrology Software Read more * (1) * (2) *
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