1. S

    Nexus 6p for 23$ ? at ebay.com

    Was surfing through ebay international. Found may products @23.68$ Are these products legit? New Huawei Nexus 6P H1512 Quad 12MP 5.7'' 4G LTE (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 32GB Phone | eBa
  2. S

    Guys, can you check this WD 3TB external HDD & is it okay to buy from Ebay

    link is below - WD 3TB MY Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Disk Drive USB 3 0 Black | eBay model number described is - WDBBKD0030BBL-NESN link to the profile of seller - lowestprice2014 on eBa what tests should i perform (when i get it) to know if its a legit one not a...
  3. seamon


    Azom is back guys with their new range of Clevo laptops in India. Well 1 to be precise. Do you think they are legit? They even have their address posted. AZOM SYSTEMS
  4. dharmil007

    Cinemas Charging Internet Convenience fees again

    A year ago there was a High Court Order stating that in Mumbai cinemas cannot levy any Service Charges, Internet Charges, etc. on any Ticket booked online. But from past 2 weeks cinemas have started levying these charges again. When asked with the customer execs, they are saying these...
  5. Nerevarine

    gamersgift.com legit ?

    Is this website legit ? I need to purchase Garena shells from here.. anyone have any experience regarding this ? *www.ebay.in/itm/100-Garena-Shells-/131049561369?pt=IN_Games_Consoles_Accessories&hash=item1e83299d19&_uhb=1#ht_500wt_1156 the same seller is also selling on ebay .. This guy...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    Are you a pirate or not?

    yup, thats the question. i want to make a poll with the following options 100% Legit Knight in AP armor 100% Pirate of the Indian Ocean semi-pirate mostly pirate,sometimes get legit stuff mostly legit,sometimes get pirated stuff if you're 100% legit(like moi) you can brag about it...
  7. coderunknown

    Huawei launches OFFICIAL ICS update for Honor

    Yes, you read it right. ICS update [BETA] is out for Huawei Honor. the image looks legit & i feel it is legit as it comes from Huawei. But the funny part, Honor is yet to be launched. Source: androidos.in/2011/12/huawei-releases-official-android-4-0-update-for-honor/
  8. R

    Anyone knows this website?

    Hi, Anyone on this forum know about *www.eshowroom.in the prices are pretty good and cod is available too. Can anybody confirm that this site is legit? Thanks
  9. cute.bandar

    How to find if a site is legit

    I came across this website: retailmart.com . Found a nice cheap book there. BUT how does one know whether the site is legit ? I tried googling around a bit, but got nothing conclusive... anything else?
  10. S

    galaxy sl for 17,900 k at letsbuy

    Using icici coupon it comes around 17900k. how much legit is this letsbuy.com ? did anybody have any experience with this site ?
  11. D

    3 Apple Iphones 4G for 750 USD!!

    There is a iphone dealer who is giving me 3 iphone 4G 32 gb HD for 460 USD. under buy 2 get 1 free scheme...Is he legit. or fake? he is based in UK Below are his company details(as on his 'website'): IPHONE.BIZ LTD 22 WARREN LINGLEY WAY, TIPTREE, COLCHESTER, ESSEX, CO5 0FE, UK,LONDON...
  12. RBX

    ebiz ???

    My friend who joined ebiz (ebizelindia.com ) a few months ago has been persuading me to join too. Is it legit and beneficial ? The courses, tutorials etc they showed are available for free at many websites and even in a better manner. They allow getting certificates if you pass the quiz but how...
  13. victor_rambo

    Will some admin confirm if this copy of vBulletin is legal or pirated?

    Dear Administrators, For the past few days, and especially after upgrade to v 3.7.0, I have found that there are many bugs in the 'core' scripts of vBulletin. Please do not mistake them for bugs in the new theme. Considering that these are very silly and small, I really doubt if a forum...
  14. Dipen01

    !! Themes for SE W580 !!

    Hey guys, Where can i find some nice themes for SE W580 ? If you know certain site which cannot be mentioned here due to Forum Rules. Please do PM me as I found some legit sites but themes are of below par quality, nothing exciting. Regards,
  15. naveen_reloaded

    ZoneAlarm has secret patch to deactivate ur cracked VISTA!!!

    this was just taken from a site *www.iexbeta.com/wiki/index.php/Windows_Vista_Software_Compatibility_List so pirated version users... beware...
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