1. R

    Need gaming headset under 15K

    Hi. I am looking for a gaming headset with mic. I play COD and CS:GO. My Budget is 15K. My friends suggested the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset. My previous headset razer kraken has been giving me problems. Hence I would like to go for steelseries now as it looks really sturdy and so many of...
  2. tkin

    Positive Experience Proaudiohome/Pristinenote Customercare Improved

    Update: Got refund from Ebay after 3 weeks. After some calls to the seller I found out that it was ebay's fault. The seller wasn't responsible for the fiasco. Then I purchased the unit directly from the seller's website. This time the delivery was fast and accurate, though I ended up paying...
  3. S

    Suggest a gud controller for PC ?

    For playing FIFA,COD
  4. shankar_psn

    FPS Multiplayer ...

    I recently got a PS3 ... not played much though ... decided to play a FPS multiplayer ... I m confused between Battlefield 3 or 4 ... Else should I go for CoD Ghosts ... Which one is good ... Not played any other multiplayer than Counter Strike ... :-)
  5. P

    Recommend Games

    Hi Guys, I have recently build gaming PC (thanks to thinkdigit fourm). I have GPU r7 240 ddr 5 (according to budget). Can you suggest some games except COD(Black OPS , i have finished them). MY taste:- preference- 3rd person games,first person also will do depends on games. my Favourite...
  6. GamerSlayer

    CoD Ghosts vs Titanfall : Which is better?!

    I am thinking of buying one of these games and am not able to decide which to buy. I am buying these only for multiplayer. I've chosen CoD Ghosts because I've been playing CoD multiplayer since a long time and Titanfall because I got attracted towards it. Moreover, Titanfall is a lot similar to...
  7. C

    Asus G750JX-CV069P Laptop is what should I go???

    Hi all, I want to buy a gaming laptop. Moreover, I want a DESKTOP REPLACEMENT. With all the R&D I have come up with this lappy: Asus G750JX-CV069P Laptop I will be concentrating in playing games like COD 4, COD black OPS, batman origins, and bioshock infinite etc. Is this is the...
  8. A


    Hello I would really like help on making a gaming pc for 40000 with sound and wireless card for cod and battle field and farcry please i need it fast.Thanx
  9. A

    Various Configs : COD MW3 FPS

    Hey Guys, I just installed COD MW3 and to test my system I decided to measure the FPS All the settings to their max possible value(high/ultra) and 4X AA Now I am getting 16-18 FPS in heavy scenes, 24-25 FPS in moderate scenes and 30 FPS in light scenes Average : 23-24 FPS My...
  10. G

    Rank the COD single player campaign.

    I guess most of us here have played COD single player campaign. I'd like to hear your thoughts on which one you enjoyed the most. So rank them from best to worst. Here's my list from Best to Worst. 1: CoD 4 - Modern Warfare 2: CoD 5 - World at War 3: CoD Black Ops 4: Cod 2 5: CoD -...
  11. digit1191

    NBA 2k 14

    NBA 2k14 is out for preorder in flipkart. Rs1500 for PC. Anybody planning to buy? I am thinking of getting it. I actually *coughed* NBA 2k13 because they made a very crappy PC version. It din't have many features which the console version had, and the online play was also not so good in the...
  12. A

    HP Pavilion G6-2312AX

    How is this laptop for gaming.... specs are AMD A-10 ,1tb HDD , 4gb RAM , 2gb (ATI) + 1gb onbaord GRA , and i need to install win 7 , so is the drivers available , i read somewhere DX11 issues are there i play mostly FPS games like COD MWseries , MOH warfighter , metro 2033 , homefront...
  13. Alok

    New Call of Duty for 2013 confirmed

    Activision is currently holding a Q4 Conference Call and we are happy to report that the big publisher has listed a Call of Duty game, planned for a Q4, 2013 release. Not only that, but Activision’s CEO has officially admitted that a new Call of Duty game is currently under development. Our...
  14. R

    Want to buy Micromax A110 from Myvirtualplaza.

    Hi, I want to buy the new Micromax canvas 2(white),I had placed the order in Snapdeal previously on 31st October but as they are taking too long to deliver i cancelled the order.So now I'm looking for another store,but the white model is Out of Stock almost everywhere.I found Myvirtualplaza is...
  15. prophet

    Help in Hosting COD 4

    i recently got Call of Duty 4, I have played it online on various servers but I really want to host a server where only me and a couple of my friends could play. I have searched a lot regarding how to setup a COD 4 server but couldn't find anything to my satisfaction. It would be very helpful if...
  16. K

    How to set up cod 4 server ???? Plz help

    8 of my friends wanted to play COD 4 online. I downloaded d multiplayer game(not genuine):cry: and want to host the gaming session on my PC as a server. PLz Plz show me the Steps of how can I do that. Thanks in advance. :razz:

    cod mw,mods???

    im looking for Call of duty 4(MW) mods,to play against bots with my frnds,:lol: ie,play COD like Counter n my frnds on one side n bots being in the other, i searched d net n found one named pezbot,but it only have bot players,n no multi player option:cry:,Can any one help me...
  18. Siddharth_1

    COD 4:MW Act III No Fighting in the war room. Help Needed.

    I am stuck on a mission in cod 4 and need help. In act 3 mission: no fighting in the war room, in the room where the missile silos are located, we have to reach the last room where there is a big metal door, and captain price waves his hand towards us, telling us to move in that room. When i...
  19. M

    suggest GPU+PSU

    hi guys , please suggest good graphics card & PSU. my budget is around 10/11k , can strech 1k more. i want t0 play latest games like nfs run, cod mw3, crysis 2 at 1080p .rt now i have i3 540 + dh 55tc+ 4gb ram with iball psu . thanks in advance
  20. SRA

    Games Playable on i5 2500K's IGP HD3000

    Hi recently I built up my PC with intel i5 2500K , since I use my PC majorly for post processing my Photographs and I was tight on budget I skipped a discrete GPU , now so far I have played Fifa 12 , COD black ops , Dirt 3 , Driver SFO quite comfortably with my rig ( I have 4GB of memory ). My...
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