1. T

    Recommend upgrade to get maximum juice / value from my AMD system

    Please recommend Possible upgrades to get maximum juice of this system. purchase in USA (only via online and can't do in-store purchase) within next 2 days and bring it back to India Purpose: Will be running 2-3 OS in VMWARE workstation, Cisco UCS Simulator, GNS3 software ( not simultaneously...
  2. S

    cisco linksys WRT54GH no power

    Dear guys, i have cisco linksys WRT54GH wifi router.but when i upgrade firmware then power cable loose, & now modem is not powering on,but its heating when power cable plugged in & wifi light glowing very dim, can any one tell where should i go for repair in kolkata ?
  3. iSh0w

    Cisco Valet M10 300 Mbps 4-Port 10/100 Wireless N Router (M10)

  4. R

    CCNP Traning Center in Banglore

    Hello , I am looking for Good training center in Banglore to Study CCNP R&S and do Job In Rest of the study time (part time or Full time and night Studies ) . In google there are many Training centers , Can any suggest a good one (would be better if u have Personal Experience )...
  5. A

    ADSL + Router for MTNL connection

    Hi, I am looking to buy a wifi router with modem for my new connection which is by MTNL. I am confused which to buy can you help me decide? My house is about 1400 to 1500 sq feet. Price is not a concern but would prefer to keep it under 10k. I was looking for (1) Belkin N600DB wifi +...
  6. R

    Cisco Vulnerability

    Hi, While assesing vulnerabilities I came accross a problem. A vulnerability name "(2588513) TLS-SSL Server Blockwise Chosen-Boundary Browser Weakness, (CVE-2011-3389)" was given by the tool. Though this vulnerability is related to the certificate of the web browser, the CISCO device here is...
  7. dr_jimit

    [Query] Any way to repair Linksys / Cisco Router in India....?

    Hello Friends, I have a Linksys WAG160N, [ADSL2+ N Router]which has stopped working. All LEDs including Power LED is blinking, No Connection, No Ping. Official Support says No service center, Only RMA/Replacement through website. Mine cant get replaced cos it is out of warranty. Mine can also...
  8. rhitwick

    Cisco plans to buy Skype

    Read full story here
  9. K

    Help ! It's urgent

    Hello. I need to buy "512MB Cisco NPE 400". I found from Google search engine. This website is selling the CISCO PRODUCTS on a very cheap rates. What's your advice, should I buy? I need it very urgently...
  10. L

    Cisco Professional

    Cisco offers many certification courses to the aspirants. The certification courses of Cisco include CCIE, CCDA, CCNA among various others. There are many Cisco training programmes available in the market that help a professional top crack the Cisco certification tests. These certification tests...
  11. A

    networking advice

    hi all i want to join ccna in dehli, can u prefer an institute or site where it can find a cisco certified institute.
  12. V


    helllo,frnds, i'am new 2 this field plz hlp 4 cisco certifications, help ,my...........:p:p:p:p
  13. T

    Hotels near Cisco Bangalore

    Hi, I need to visit Cisco, Bangalore for 2 days next week. Can you guys from Bangalore suggest good hotels to stay? Also, any good places to hang-out... Thanks in advance.
  14. crystalboi

    CISCO courses

    hey all.. I would like to know about the CISCO certification courses(mainly CCNA & CCNP). I am right now in 3rd yr of my B.E. in CSE(Computer Science and Engg.).So please guide me about CISCO course,its future scope(value , placements,starting salalary etc) and where I should join for its...
  15. nikhil ramteke

    how to open orkut when there's a CISCO firewall?

    hello frnz, my college has blocked orkut, they r using CISCO firewall, so when i open orkut using some proxies it block each of them...plz help..
  16. INS-ANI

    Cisco CCNA Certification:

    Hi guys, I recently did a linux based netowrk management course by IIMC, and was willing to upgrade my skills. i need your advice about what is CIsco certification in networking all abt and hw it may help one in future.. and abt its learning centre in pune... if any?
  17. iMav

    Linksys no more

    Cisco has decided and announced that it will kill off the Linksys name entirely. The only reason Cisco kept the name after they bought out the smaller company was for brand recognition in the US (Linksys was much better known among consumers) Source
  18. techtronic

    ANGRY BROADBAND USERS ? Cisco router snafu disconnects Japan from the Net

    Thousands of Cisco routers belonging to Nippon Telephone and Telegraph East failed on Tuesday and knocked out millions of Japanese broadband Internet customers. According to Network World, 2000 to 4000 routers failed to forward data packets when their routing tables overflowed. This resulted...
  19. Kiran.dks

    iPhone Battle: Apple, Cisco Extend Talks on "iPhone" Deal

    Apple, Cisco Extend Talks on iPhone Deal Companies push back a deadline in the their trademark fight in hopes of achieving a settlement. In order to keep working toward a settlement over the iPhone name, Apple and Cisco Systems have pushed back a deadline in their legal battle. Cisco sued...
  20. amitava82

    Cisco to sue Apple on iPhone name

    Well, Cisco finally did what everyone expected. Cisco Systems is suing Apple Computer for trademark infringement in a US federal court, for using the iPhone name. Details is here
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