1. AshurainX

    Need help from Lenovo Y500 users.

    I need to clean install the OS on a new hdd and for that I need to download the media creation tool from the microsoft website. The problem is that, I know my laptop had windows 8 single language but i'm not sure if its the "single language with bing" version or the one without bing. Also I need...
  2. D

    Inverter (Urgent)

    For PC (500W PSU + Dell ST2220L monitor + belkin N150) and 4 CFL around 30W, pure sine wave with UPS mode (cos not using PC UPS anymore) What is the required VA/W rating for Inverter, battery for backup minimum 2hrs
  3. GamerSlayer

    Yu Yureka vs Moto E

    Guys, I know that there hasn't been a lot of information about the yu yureka but I know that there are some tech veterans here who can judge a phone by taking a look at its specs and a short video. I am in a position to buy a phone under 10k and so I have short listed these two phones. FYI, I...
  4. Jay1234

    Please help its urgent Soundmagic es 18 or Denon AH C260

    Its urgent cos I am going to Nainital tomorrow so want earphones so that I can listen music while travelling I have been using Soundmagic Es 18 for like 6 months but yesterday my maid washed my jeans and earphones were in my pocket so they ain't working... I want new pair of earphones should I...
  5. Revolution

    What The Easiest Way To Recharge Mobile ?

    Hi, Sorry,I have came again with another nub question. My friend got HDFC Visa Debit Card. Now,this card is giver by his company to transfer salary. But,bad thing is he cam't withdraw whole amount from that AC and extra amount is not gonna stay to his AC if he can't use it. Now he want to use...
  6. dr_jimit

    [Query] Any way to repair Linksys / Cisco Router in India....?

    Hello Friends, I have a Linksys WAG160N, [ADSL2+ N Router]which has stopped working. All LEDs including Power LED is blinking, No Connection, No Ping. Official Support says No service center, Only RMA/Replacement through website. Mine cant get replaced cos it is out of warranty. Mine can also...
  7. Revolution

    Online Mobile Recharge

    Anyone ever did recharge their mobile online ? Recently I heard about this so got no idea. I want to know pros and cos. Is it safe ? Please share ur views and experience to help nub! Thanks!
  8. R

    Motherboard query

    Well this is the hardware Q & A section, so posting this. I had this question in mind for some time now, but never posted it cos it may be very silly, anyways, here it is: Why do motherboards have so many capacitors ? How are they useful?
  9. gxsaurav

    Got job in Delhi, now moving

    I was recently in Gurgaon for a Microsoft training session & there I got a job offer from Virtual Studio World which is a Adobe & Microsoft Solution Partner company dealing in MS & Adobe technologies as a UI & Graphics Designer. I met old Digit forum member Divyansh during this trip & was almost...
  10. E

    Scheduling rapidshare premium with flashget

    Guys i recently got a 1 month premium acc , but iam facing a problem , iam not able to schedule the links , cos i need to give user name and password each time i enter a link ... Please help me
  11. gxsaurav

    No Drivers for Bluetooth peripheral device

    Solved : No Drivers for Bluetooth peripheral device I bought an Enter branded ISSC KY-BT100 Bluetooth 2.0 adapter today, don't know which Chip it is using, broadcom or something else cos right now it is working fine with Windows Inbuilt drivers. However in device manager it is showing one entry...
  12. siddes

    BIOS settings password

    Some kind of a virus put a password on my BIOS. Thats cos i myself didnt do it. How do i remove it??
  13. anandk

    "infosys, microsoft most respected Indian IT cos."

    business world survey results : the 10 most respected (IT) cos in India - infosys microsoft ibm hp wipro tcs cisco dell niit hcl BusinessWorld 9/4/7
  14. gxsaurav

    The key to success : Education or Skills

    For me it's Skills, education does helps in refining what u already got. but education doesn't makes you what you are. Once the education of school college or university ends, you are on your own & its the skills which makes u something in life. I see IIT & MBAs doing nothing....cos they don't...
  15. dd_wingrider

    Ready for a big leap?

    Hi, I got this mail about the Microsoft Holding events and sessions in search of developers who want to develop applications for Microsoft Vista and their products. Found it interesting to share. Try to attend if u can cos it say u can get some 30% off on Microsoft Certifications for jus...
  16. dreams

    Vcd - Dvd

    Hi all.. This is a general question.. I have a Sony VCD Player 2000w PMPO. Is it possible to convert this VCD player to a DVD player..cos before i had a Audio CD Player and the technician told to change it to VCD Player by simply changing the Lens.. So will the same can be done frm...
  17. champ_rock

    Windows 2003 server?

    hi i was planning to install windows 2003 server instead of the windows xp just because got bored with XP and did not have the horsepower to run vista ;p please tell me the following: 1. what is the speed of windows 2003 compared with XP 2. what is the graphical interface like 3. which...
  18. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz I need to get a new mobile...Wich 1 shud i go for out of da 4 phones i mentioned (6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i) I am not too sure of v3i cos its sound quality isnt good and its camera is fair...
  19. H

    help needed

    Hello all please tell me which one to go for nokia 9300i or 9500 please suggest cos i am confused price aprox same and how abt problems in 9300i ?????
  20. ECE0105

    P4 2.8 (511) Prescott Temp. and Upgrade.

    Hi, I have a P4 2.8 (511) Prescott with an Intel D101GGc Motherboard. I happened to see a lot of Dust on the Heatsink Assembly of the processor. I removed it and cleaned it using a Brush.... After putting it back in, I checked the temperature in the BIOS and find that it is 62degrees...
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