And then the guy asked me - Please help me cracking this password !!

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I just couldn't control my laughter, so I am posting this here.

I was in the office when one of my cousin - who is studying for MCA - came and asked me to help him cracking a password.

I told him I am not into cracking n hacking, but he said he will send me the password, I should help him !

Now I asked him how hes gonna send a password. He said he will copy paste the password to my email !!!

I just couldn't control my laughter and asked him who gave him the password and how. Now comes the real answer.

His friend seen someone typing a password in a browser, the other guy left without closing the window, he copied the password (all XXXX) and pasted to my cousin's Orkut scrap, now my cousin is gonna copy paste that XXXX to my email !!!!

:D :D

Guys, did you get the joke ? Sorry, I am not that good in English, but let me know.


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AFAIK, one can NOT copy those asterisks in the password field.
Correct me if i m wrong pls.
That would depend on how its coded in wouldn't it? ;)

But yes only the mask would be copied. Can be unmasked at its original source but not otherwise (Copied, etc) :p


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AFAIK, there were some little tools floating around on the net, which when dragged over the "*****" in the password field, would reveal the actual password. But copying them and sending it over was, indeed very lame :D and that too coming from an MCA student!!!
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