1. ramakanta

    $300,000 for Cracking Telegram Encryption !!!

    Cracking Telegram Encryption :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. A

    Need help cracking Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor!!

    hey guyz, i downloaded this game off the torrents and i have GREAT ( i really mean GREAT ) difficulties cracking this game, i cracked it once, but after the next PC restart, it wont run, anyone who can help can please help via teamviewer, and can take anything u want from my massive...
  3. Ishu Gupta

    unofficial Crack The Code

    uCTC Start Here Answer format -**answer**.html Start cracking :grin:
  4. V

    CTC 3 discussion

    Hi All just seen ctc iii is there on anniversary edition. have fun cracking again !!!!
  5. Ronnie11

    logitech z506 bass cracking

    Hello guys,i just bought logitech z506 speakers & the bass all of a sudden started sounding odd as if its cracking or something...what should i do???
  6. karthik55859

    who will keep the ipl trophy?

    silly but its cracking my head ..... royals has won the ipl trophy, but who will keep the trophy?????? is it franchise? or who???????????
  7. din

    And then the guy asked me - Please help me cracking this password !!

    I just couldn't control my laughter, so I am posting this here. I was in the office when one of my cousin - who is studying for MCA - came and asked me to help him cracking a password. I told him I am not into cracking n hacking, but he said he will send me the password, I should help him ...
  8. mastterofminds

    how to crack the software "sound tap" version 1.25. please help me here

    help me here in cracking this softwre:confused:
  9. S

    @ tech_your_future.

    Be easy! what was wrong about my question on linux? and i will post any damn topic i want, and u r welcomed to lock it if it has any hacking, cracking or warez info in it? but for what guttdamn reason did u lock this topic??????????
  10. R

    pc freezing with a cracking sound

    hi my pc freezes with a continous cracking sound and the monitor turns off after playing games like fear,prey for abt 20 min.i have to manually restart the pc there is no problem during any other normal usage i have the latest drivers installed my config is amd athlon xp 2600+ barton...
  11. Josan

    Indian Fighters Club-josan

    Hey R U Ready To Use Yours Computer Skill For Your Mother Land "the Great India" If U R Than Just Post Your Skill Discripition What Ever It May B {hacking , Cracking Wat Ever } To This Forum And One Coppy To My Mail If Possible .
  12. wolvrine

    cracking through Hex Editors

    Edited by aadi No talks of cracking here :twisted:
  13. S

    Software for Cracking WinXP Login Password

  14. J

    Cracking Or Hacking

    Hi, Plz tel me what is the differences between Cracking & Hacking?
  15. S

    crack mail passwords

    Hi... Is there any software for cracking Yahoo and hotmail passwords? Reply soon
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