All School Kids Here!

Pick wisely

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^ ok, any other mods will do it :))
No, none will do. Yesterday I spent time and today it was kalpik. Anyways I don't see any fruitful discussion going on here.

If anyone tries to create a mayhem (or discuss abt what I'm posting now), the thread will be locked/deleted.


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38% of the people who visited this thread are school kids.

I suppose this is because of the title. Other people didn't get attracted towards thsi thread as they thought it is just for the children........


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my god....the thread's been having the most numbr of off topic posts.... request to please stop running behind all these vaibhavteks....the more you discuss on him, (you know the rest).... divert to something which is on topic!!



So I think all here came to know that tech_devil is vaibhavtek ; so should I change my siggi.

Btw can anyone just help me out here ..!!!

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Techdevil is not vaibhavtek.................

yes technology Mod was maybe the real vaibhavtek........................

ab asli vaibhavtek ko kaise pehchanenge hum ??
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