1. Zangetsu

    Canon 300mm F/1.8 lens exists

    An actual Canon 300mm F/1.8 lens exists, but you will probably never get to see one Source: An actual Canon 300mm F/1.8 lens exists, but you will probably never get to see one Just imagine the possibilities if this beast is mounted on a standard full-frame camera!
  2. JojoTheDragon

    Don't Starve (Together)

    I searched, and didn't find any thread related to this awesome gem. Please merge of another thread already exists. I managed to survive a max of 20 with Willow. How about you guys ?
  3. TheMost

    Wierd Resolution Problem

    I was studying and suddenly my brother called me saying that windows got uglier and something was wrong .. When i checked out i saw these it looked like the pictures below. I tried changing the resolution but the pulldown icon is shaded in grey (not openable) Also it said with...
  4. T

    Showing Error While Logging...PLZ. HELP !!

    when i log into *selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in/irj/portal it shows error saying : The Requested Resource does not exists . Go to main page of this application! see the pic below..
  5. patkim

    3.5mm audio selector switch

    Does anything like a 3.5mm audio selector switch exists? I connect my TV Tuner output or even mobile audio out to the line in. instead of pulling out chords everytime, just wondering if any 3.5 mm stereo selector switch exists so that I can just switch between inputs.
  6. Prince Sinha

    Kaspersky not fixing the problem

    I have previously purchased the licensed version of Kaspersky 2011. I recently updated it too. Now its displaying that "Thread have been found". When I click on "Fix it now" then nothing happens, the problem still exists. In fact, it does'nt show the threads so that I could manually delete the...
  7. S

    Frequest Stop D1 BSODs due to NDIS.sys during browsing

    Hi all, I have a system with Win XP Home Edition (original OEM) that I am using at office. It has the latest updates downloaded and installed. Recently, it has started giving BSODs quite frequently. A few days back it used to happen when I used Safari Beta browser only, but now it has crept...
  8. sravan

    error mesage - "object already exists"

    I am using windows xp sp2. whenever my system boots , a error msg is being displayed in the system tray which states that "system error- object already exists" how to get rid of it?
  9. M

    c++ help needed

    I wanted know if there's a way in c++ to know what character exists at a particular x,y coordinate. for eg: suppose i used gotoxy(2,5) and my cursor is now at (2,5) and i want to know what character exists next to my cursor at (3,5). How can i know that?
  10. roni roxy

    motorokr e7 ?????????????????

  11. Gigacore

    All School Kids Here!

    Naa... i'm not a school kid. But I'm interested to know about how many school going students (kids) are members in digit forum. :D I will be really happy to see kids, oops school students to see in this thread. This is kinda survey. Coz I didn't know that there exists something called...
  12. phuchungbhutia

    hard disk upgrade help

    i have 40 gd sata baracuda hdd asus a8v mx mb i need to upgrade to 80 or 160 will there be prob with it and what will be its price ... how to handle such a prob if it exists
  13. praka123

    Ext4 file system(testing) silently entered in Linux kernel-2.6.19 onwards

    *www.bullopensource.org/ext4/ *www.bullopensource.org/ext4/files/ext4.txt Ext4 Wiki: *ext4.wiki.kernel.org/ Project Webpage: *www.bullopensource.org/ext4/ Also on ext4: *kernelnewbies.org/Linux_2_6_19#head-9e8ea3ae917321a7945b85d468384bdc34e9785b Hope ext4...
  14. arunks

    how to save the radio audio in the symbian phone like n70

    when i start voice recorder while radio is playing ..the radio stops when i press start buttton to initiate voice recording .... ,,,, .... is there any other way or software exists which can help me to record the radio...:eek:
  15. P

    .:Removal of 'My Search Bar':.

    My Search Bar Overview My Search Bar and the variants "My Way Speedbar" and "My Way Search Assistant", are browser helper objects that allows you to search on multiple search engines. The software is bundled with file sharing programs such as Morpheus. The search form is added to Internet...
  16. DukeNukem

    Integrating CDKEY with XP CD

    Hi There, What i want to do is Make Bootable CD of XpSP2 which do not ask me to input the User Name, Company and the cd key. Sorry if iam wasting space (in case such thread already exists) if it do can you guys give me the link. a week ago i've read it some where but now i...
  17. anshul

    Cue club tip.

    Hey I don't know that this tip exists or not and if it exists then let me tell that I have found it on my own. While playing with the computer just before its cue starts moving to attempt a shot, right click.You will be led into main menu or tournament menu. Then return to game and by judgement...
  18. A

    is 4gb cd exists

    my friend told me that he has a 4 gb cd-r and that too of mini size those used in camcoders ........... i said it wud be a dvd but he says that his cd-rom is reading it correctly guys is there such a disk exists................... and wat wud its cost
  19. S

    How to detect which firewall and antivirus exists in server

    How to detect which firewall and antivirus exists in server in windows?
  20. tuXian

    .:: Help Uegent : Local Name Servers ::.

    I run a Domain Name Registration company. So you can understand how important domain names are for me. I have to change the Nameservers of my client domains numerous number of times sometimes in a day. But I am facing a typical problem in my business due to my ISP. It takes a lot of time...
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