A record for this forum - July 1 2008 @ 9PM

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Re: Help to improve most users ever online record

And probably change the title of the thread to something that describes the purpose and time of the meet!


W00t I seem to be the first post since the name change and sticky- I'll be there but i won't "BE" there. if you know what i mean.


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Great, I will try to come as well.

And after we set this record, can move to IRC as well ;) Will be fun talking to all.

I think you can make it like 9.00 to 9.30 or 9.00 to 10.00.

PS : I am not a forum fan. I am a forum fanboy.

Edit - Only members are allowed ? Have a 16 day old guy who wanna join. Ask him to wait for some more days ? ;)
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I'll come 2

BTW How about giving Certificates 4 being Online


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announce a price for the first guy to login at exact 9PM :p may be a used pendrive you have ? :D if not someone donate a nvidia-8600GT 8)
i am in too....... and wat bout the stove edition as prize ???????

??? i changed my signature ?????? where is it :(
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