A record for this forum - July 1 2008 @ 9PM

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Me too will be here. Have to put a reminder first though on my phone so that I won't forget! :p


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Aus din to main bhi aaunga. Par mujhe count mat karo. Nahin to angrezi aur hindi wali counting bhul jaoge :D


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^^ Like we're gonna wait that long! But we could cook up something to do on that date! Maybe have some sort of spamming the forums competition :D (will give me some mod practice :) )


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How about we up the stakes a bit.

Whoever doesn't present himself at the said time gets banned! :D

Although, as I see it, there's a lot of 'guests' that contribute to the number of users. I don't think we have like 800 active users of this forum. Still, I think we can make it happen.

Ankur Gupta

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Even if that possible(mass mailing), that isn't a wise thing to do, IMO.
Also anyway the admins won't approve of it.
If you look closely, registered members contribute to only 10-20% of the total members online anytime, so making a new record isn't as easy as it seems.
And the best way to bring in guest users it to use some those bookmark buttons you find at the bottom of the post :p
I will be here to make my contribution, I am so frightened by goobi's warning :D
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