1. A

    HD keeps asking me to format it.

    Hey guys, So I bought a new 4TB Seagate HD a bout a month ago and recently it has decided to go nuts. When I go to access something I have on there I get a message telling me I need to format the drive before I can use it. Gyazo - dae308610196b9d4c142700da711cea2.png This has been done about...
  2. R

    How to record programs from TV to Laptop

    Hi Please suggest me a way to record TV shows onto laptop Thanks
  3. T

    How do I Record/ Download a Live Youtube Event?

    What is the best way to record a live Youtube event, because I'm pretty sure it will not be uploaded again once it has been broadcast. 1) Any software to capture the live stream? 2) Not so good alternative: Sit with the stream open adn record a portion of my browser window. If there is a...
  4. ithehappy

    Back to back BSOD!

    I was playing BF4 and had BSOD in less than three hours! This is in a long while I have had this many number of BSOD. What could be the reason? Is there any kind of logger which can record what's going on actually?
  5. bajaj151

    Urgent: Camera for office

    I want to set up camera in my office (Hidden if possible) which should able to record video as well as audio in high quality. Please suggest
  6. Akira

    Best app to record incoming/outgoing calls on Android

    Ok, so I need some suggestions for good (reliable) apps which can record incoming calls. That means good quality audio with, if possible, noise cancellation. I have a Micromax Canvas Magnus A117(primarily for this), the old Samsung Galaxy Ace, and a Nexus 4. The inbuilt sound recorder doesnt...
  7. S

    Which app you use to record calls on Android?

    My friend has a cheap mobile with proprietary operating system. He record voice calls (incoming and outgoing) flawlessly, and without any app. But I have Android 4.1.2 and I can't do :cry: I have looked up on Play Store for call recording apps but it's very distracting which app to use. I...
  8. B

    Record Player

    Hey guys, My father has a lot of records(LP) he wants to buy a normal simple record player to listen to his records please help and what will the budget should we spend
  9. harshilsharma63

    A10 6800k overclocked to 8 GHz!!!

    The cpu-z validator: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Source: The Stilt`s CPU Frequency score: 8203 mhz with a A10-6800K and AMD A10-6800K APU Overclocked to Record Breaking 8.2GHz
  10. S

    Thread for Digitians from Chennai

    I saw a thread for Bangalore and another for Delhi , so thought why not for Chennai? All TDF members from Chennai , please come an join. Edit: mods please change title name to thread for digitians from Chennai. Thanks!! Just to keep a record of members, please fill up the form below. Thanks...
  11. K

    How to record voice?

    Hi Guys, *I have got Windows 7 Ultimate,Realtek HD Audio Manager and a Headphone with mic. I would like to record my voice through Mic and hear the same with good quality of sound. Then what are the settings to be changed for the purpose? *What is the best free DEFRAGMENT software for...
  12. rider

    [URGENT] Microphone under 1k

    I am looking to purchase a microphone to simply to record vocal sounds from my laptop (3.5mm jack). And a software that should be simple to use and record in .wav or .mp3 format I took a look on PHILIPS SBCMD110 and PANASONIC RP-VK21. Don't know which one is better. Suggest me the best. Thank you.
  13. Allu Azad

    External TV Tuner Card for Laptop

    Guys suggest me a good external TV tuner card for laptop . Budget upto 2k . I should be able to record tv shows into laptop using this .
  14. G

    is there any ios application for auto call record? please suggest i need one

    hello friends is there any ios application for auto call record in apple iphone i really need .....doesn't matter wherther it is paid application or free
  15. tkin

    Nvidia posts another round of record results!!

    Old news, but anyway: Nvidia posts another round of record results - The Tech Report
  16. 101gamzer

    8.79GHz FX-8350 Is The Fastest Ever CPU

    Well Another World record! :clap2: let it be suspense :wink: 8.79GHz FX-8350 Is The Fastest Ever CPU - Republic of Gamers ROG starts 2013 with a new world record for the fastest ever x86-based CPU frequency at 8.79GHz. Master overclocker Andre Yang took an AMD FX-8350 CPU and ROG Crosshair...
  17. User Name

    Which is this song or soundtrack?

    Hi, I got a ringtone of this, Want to know which is this song or soundtrack? (mostly i think it is english ) :???: LINK: 4-1526945-16666233 by parikshit1212 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  18. A

    External Tv tuner card

    hello guys any one have idea about External tv tuner card with hdmi input enable i want to record hd stuff .dth hd box to pc price range as cheap as possible:P
  19. B

    Apple 3rd quarter profits miss expectations and Samsung report record profit!!

    Apple's quarterly profits are lower than analysts' expectations, with iPad sales slowing ahead of the launch of a smaller version whereas Samsung Electronics has reported record profit in the three months to September, led by strong sales of its Galaxy range of smartphones. is this the...
  20. ghantaukay

    Tablet ya mobile?

    I am planning to gift a mobile to my gf who is heavily into music.She likes the Sony Experia series but is also mulling over a nice tab.My budget is around 15 K.The gadget should be able to record music too as she is a prof singer and the sound should be loud and clear.Suggestions please.
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