3G iPhone Arriving Sooner Than Expected

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Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has recently told Apple investors to look out for a MacBook Touch by 2010. The man also weighed in on recent iPhone shortages as a clear hint that the 3G model is just around the corner. The man claims Apple is closing out of its own stock to clear the way for new iPhone SKU, according to The New York Times.

Munster says there is an "80 percent chance
that a new version of the iPhone is coming earlier than anticipated," speaking his mind about the possible reasons for the shortage. According to the aforementioned source however, A.M. Sacconaghi Jr. of Sanford C. Bernstein thinks otherwise. The analyst has actually come with an opposite conclusion, noting that AT&T and Apple stores aren't lacking iPhones at all:

"An inventory shortage of Apple products often signals an imminent product refresh, but in this case, the stock-out seems too selective: Apple’s distribution partners would likely be extremely upset if Apple managed the product transition only for its own stores. In addition, the 3G iPhone would arguably be more important for the European market; yet the current-generation phone remains widely in stock in Europe," he said.

Sacconaghi also notes that Apple's way of handling its business doesn't include on-purpose shortages. As the analyst claims, Apple would rather have temporary iPhone shortages than clearing out all of its stock.

Apple was of course contacted for clarification on the matter. While not available for comments at first, Apple's Steve Dowling has recently said that: "We are working to replenish iPhone supplies as quickly as we can. Our stores continue to receive shipments almost every day," not clearing the air of speculation one bit.

Asked whether shipments to the stores are inadequate to meet demand, or whether there is a shortage in iPhone components leading to the lack of handsets on shelves, Mr. Dowling refused to give further specifics on the matter, saying "I’ll just leave it at my statement."



you will never have the iphone in india. Indians are very price sensitive will never buy anything that is overpriced and this phone will never succeed in making the money here.


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Great, we still didn't have even a 4gb version here:|
Well, it's been discontinued, so it won't ever come anyway.

Yesterday On MTV India , it was flashing that iPhone 2.0 is scheduled for a May 08 launch ! :eek:
That's crap. Not happening.

you will never have the iphone in india. Indians are very price sensitive will never buy anything that is overpriced and this phone will never succeed in making the money here.
You obviously haven't been to any of the markets where iPhones are being sold by the truckload in metropolitan cities. The vendors are making money hand over fist in the Heera Panna market in Mumbai. Check it out–it's a sight to behold. Even jewelry store owners have set up small corners in their shop just to sell iPhones. Go and ask in any mobile phone shop out there whether they have the iPhone. The answer: "Of course!" I knew that it was selling well in India but, trust me, I had no clue it was such a rage!


when can i buy iPhone offcially in India?
may be next year

I dont think they will bring anytime this year... ppl who wanted it really bad already have one.. unlocked

the rest are the junta like us who are not ready for it :D

also I dont know how they might work out a deal with the carriers here or might sell it unlocked in which case price will be very very high



I was interested in iPhone:(
chalo, No problems will look at other options.
can't wait for 18 months or so


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That's very unlikely.

Acc. to me , it wasn't ! Lets see .. :rolleyes:
I'm not saying that you're wrong. You might have seen it on TV, no doubt.

I'm saying that even if the iPhone is coming in May '08 (and it isn't), MTV India has no way of knowing that it is. So the news itself is just based on hearsay and is, therefore, crap.


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^that phone is crap.

the SE'S W960i is way better!
+100000 It also has handwriting recognition......:D

Walkman series pawns iPods and iPhone in sound quality and even definitely in Camera photo quality.....(I don't want to make this thread iPhone vs SE..:eek:)

But I'm also waiting for iPhone in India.....But there is one thing for sure, it is going to sell at the retail price fixed by Apple as iPods sell and its price is too not going to go down after some months like the prices of other newly launched phones go down.


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+100000 It also has handwriting recognition......:D
Handwriting recognition is way too overrated. It's clumsy, slow and inaccurate. It's basically just a gimmick that looks good in the marketing materials but has little real world use.

Walkman series pawns iPods and iPhone in sound quality
I have an iPhone and a Sony Ericsson W550i and the iPhone is definitely better. Even a non-audiophile like me can clearly tell the difference in sound quality between the two. The WALKMAN is louder though.

and even definitely in Camera photo quality.....
Oh, I thought so too. The most boring feature of the iPhone, for me, was its camera. I know that phone cameras don't take decent pictures, so I didn't think it would either.

But boy, was I wrong. As long as there's light, the iPhone takes bloody fantastic pictures. Check this one out. I've seen pictures taken with the W800is and K750is. The iPhone is just plain better.

You'd have to actually use it, you know, before you go all judgmental on it. :)


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My friend had bought a SE W960i recently. And when I showed her my iPhone, (and I'm talking about the actual iPhone and not something else), she face fell. The W-whatever looked so crappy in comparison. Shaking the phone for changing tracks is only amusing for a minute or two. I love my iPhone!

And I hope the iPhoneV2 includes only something as crappy as 3G. I don't want mine to go obsolete in just a month ;)
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