1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Android custom firmware clashes

    So I've got a Samsung SM-J701F (Galaxy J7 Nxt), on which I flashed a TWRP recovery made for the 2016 Exynos edition of the Galaxy J7- Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Exynos). The phone went into boot loops after that, until I installed a custom ROM, Nemesis Nougat- [ROM][7.0][AQH3][10/09]NEMESIS NOUGAT...
  2. D

    Help with PC upgrade (using AMD+ATI atm)

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: playing mmos (specifically, path of exile). 2. What is your...
  3. C

    Are my Pc Temps safe?

    Pc config:- intel xeon e3 1246-v3 gigabyte b85 d3h-A CM 311 elite with only 1 stock fan (120mm rear) stock intel cooler hyper x fury 8gb antec vp 500pc Hi everyone last month i had build my system but now i have doubt regarding temps is my pc temps are safe i have done prime 95 tests Pc...
  4. ratul

    Google undergoes a major overhaul, spins out a parent company "Alphabet"

    Official Announcement: Google just announced a major overhaul of its corporate structure. As part of the change, the company that used to be called Google going to become a new holding company called Alphabet. Alphabet includes the following...
  5. A

    CPU cooler for i5-2500k

    Recently my CPU has started dropping in performance ( i suspect thermal throttling), as it reaches temps of 96 degrees Celcius while playing Borderlands 2 co-op online with a friend. I feel that changing the thermal paste and a upgraded cooler should help with the temp, and allow me to overclock...
  6. truegenius

    stock amd 1090t cpu heatsink on xfx hd7950 (with reference like cooling) , easily done :D

    hey there, did you ever wondered how much cooler your graphics card will run if you install an amd heatsink on them instead of reference like cooling that some of them have i had XFX Radeon HD 7950 Core Edition which have almost stock like cooling ( regardless of their "ghost cooling" ) it...
  7. harshilsharma63

    Suggest a power bank

    hi, I want a power bank for Moto G. The Mi 10400 mAh is out of stock so I need to know an alternate. Thanks :)
  8. avinandan012

    Looking for a Logitech z5500

    Looking for a Logitech z5500 in Bangalore,Hyderabad region. If anybody have any info about any shop/seller who still have stock.
  9. ParaXite

    Need help! HP dv6 6165tx / 6770m users

    Hey guys! I notice really some micro stuttering in games while moving/scrolling. My framerate in games like LoL is a steady 60 with vsync (or with 3rd party frame limiters like RTSS etc.) but scrolling is jerky. Games like Diablo 3 are unplayable due to the jerkiness even though the frame rate...
  10. dude1

    Haswell Stock cooler good enough?

    Guyz I have finalized a rig with an i5 4690k. I am not going to do any heavy work except gaming like BF4, FC4, SoM,COD-AW,etc. I wanted to buy a cooler master hyper212x cooler but decided to skip it for a month because the rig price is off-shooting my budget by about 8k. So I wanted to ask if...
  11. Ironman

    Best Cooler for i7 4770k ?

    Till Now i am running one Stock Cooler I am planning to Overclock , but stock cooler is not helping much in that front. What is the Best Cooler for 4770k ? Should i go for Air or Liquid Cooler ? Price : Less than or Equal to 8k i was looking at NH-D15 - But its "HUGE" . will it...
  12. S

    Logitech Z443 or Creative t3300

    HI everyone i have been in a dilemma to upgrade to some good sounding speakers,currently i have some old jbl multimedia speakers and was looking to get a good 2.1 system.Since i didn't really have a chance to get a live demo of speakers anywhere other than Bose i am looking for some advice on...
  13. A

    need of stock Xolo A500 club music and browsers apks.....

    friendz.... i accidentally deleted the stock apks of music player and browser .......plzzz someone help me......plzz port the apks for me....... Thanx in advance......
  14. N

    Gaming Monitor 24"

    Hey I am looking for a gaming monitor, with 60hz refresh rate only and full HD display. I was eyeing for dell s2440L but apparently its out of stock everywhere. Can someone suggest something nice? Budget: 15k
  15. M

    High CPU tempreture

    I've recently together a new system. Following are the specs I5 4570 stock cooler Gigabyte B85 Kigston hyperx 4 GB MSI twin Frozer 4 760 T tb HDD & 120 GB SDD antec VP550P Cooler Master K390 2 Cabinet fans (120 MM Rear & 90 MM top) both exhaust 1 Intake front(Default cabinet fan)...
  16. S

    Higher Capacity Battery Issue

    I am presently owning a ZTE Blade C V807 with a 1600mAH Stock Battery. But the Battery isn't performing well. Is it possible to get a more Powerful and Long-Lasting Battery to get it compatible with ? Battery has : 1600 mAH(6.0Wh); Nominal Voltage of 3.7V and Charge Voltage of 4.2V. Please do...
  17. Jay1234

    Android quiries

    1 lets say if I m on kitkat kernal and kitkat rom! Then I wanna revert back to jellybean do I need to flash jb kernal first from recovery then rom ? 2 if I flash Custom kernal and rom some hardware issue arrise obviously I need to be on stock rom and stock kernal and locked bootloader! So...
  18. mikael_schiffer

    MOTO G Mini-Review with camera sample and comparison

    Ill keep it AS BRIEF as possible. Review from around 2 days use. Pros 1) Great screen, really really good, no kidding seriously its even better than Xperia ZR 2) Price, which probably account to 75% of the weight age to of your decision making 3) KitKat 4.4 though i'm not that impressed...
  19. D

    Update rooted s4?

    Model no i9500 Jb 4.3 I want to install updates without unrooting or reinstalling stock firmware
  20. vipul619

    [MTNL] Weird wi-fi issue!

    [Solved] [MTNL] Weird wi-fi issue! I think this is the most suitable sub-forum for this problem. I have a 1Mbps MTNL broadband connection with a Modem+Router. The modem is a Binatone DM 856W (provided by MTNL), no firmware upgrades available! Now I get download speeds upto 120-130KBps on...
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