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amruth kiran

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Well I guess some of us know how it feels to have a semi pot belly sticking out as we game on for hours together..
I've always been "big" , genes I guess but currently am 6'1" and weigh 90kgs approx. My trials with jogging or running or yoga and even the gym have all been a short term course and the intensity to lose weight for the new year resolution quickly faded. ..

My first question to my humble digitians is about a common myth. The "stretch marks" I have a horrendous amount of them all over my body and it suddenly appeared after i quit the gym. Is it cause of the weight lifting and other exercises?

Secondly, although I have been naturally losing weight (this past year 10kgs) do to the traveling to and from college and football once in a while I seem to regain it quickly is that "water weight"?

Third, does anyone have a similar issue? Please encourage!!!


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I have one belly like that and it doesn't go whatever I do. Alright, I probably haven't done much to reduce it. Tried running, exercise but lasted at most for a month. The result is that I now have started to "feel" it. Previously I could hold stomach inside. But I don't seem to do it any longer. It have increased beyond my expectation. I am also a sugar maniac. So the choices of food I make doesn't help the belly.

But recently I have started to control my diet. I don't get time to exercise so the least I could do is to control the sweets I intake. As well as carbohydrate stuff. But I need to do more. And as much as I would love to say there's a medicine to burn belly fat, I don't think so that such thing exist. So only thing we can do is to control diet and do some belly fat burning exercise. I will do... as soon as I figure out which exact exercise helps to do that. :?
amruth kiran

amruth kiran

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them
I don't think we can focus on one particular area to lose weight. It has to be a all full body cardio workout.. As that Is the sure way to lose weight
But did you go to gym anytime?, weights? Anything? I wanted to know about the stretch marks.
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