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  1. ashu888ashu888

    [Need Suggestions] LGA 1150 based Z97 Motherboard & Core i5 [the "New 4th Gen"] Processor (non-K)

    Hey guys, After many successfull years with my LGA 1366 based Motherboard (eVGA X58 and then the MSi x58 Pro-e) with a Core i7 920 (2.66 Ghz Stock) Intel 1st Gen Processor breathed its last today. SO, I am on the look out for a New Mobo+Proccy Combo (just for Playing Games, No Multi Tasking...
  2. ashu888ashu888

    [HELP 2 BUY] x58 Motherboard (LGA Socket 1366)

    Hey Guys, Posting after a long long time, Just wanted to know the various sources from where can I 'still hope' to get a "new" x58 based Motherboard based on LGA 1366 Socket for my 1st Gen. Core i7-920 Processor. Can you guys list/help me with such Sources, Any Brand will do, eVGA, Asus...
  3. N

    Does Xeon Nehalem E5530 Will work in X58 Motherboard

    i am thinking to buy intel xeon E5530 i wanted to know all nehalem will support in all x58 chipset motherboard ...i am going to buy MSI MS-7543 X58 LGA1366 can any one confirm me that
  4. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Want a X58 1366 Motherboard

    Hi guys, i will like to buy a Cheap x58 1366 socket motherboard only. If anyone will like to sell his mobo do let me know via PM. Plz PM me all offers . THANKS
  5. Aj12

    P67 vs X58

    OK guys, lets hear it... I am buying a new computer as some of you may know, so I am looking at all these different websites about x58 v. p67 and they are confusing the hell out of me. Saying x58 is still a better platform and what not. So what should I do? gaming and media playback at 1080p...
  6. Cilus

    Project Xdev:SLI in any dual X16 Slot mobo

    Guys, here is a interesting hacking story. Now we can use SLI on any motherboard with 2 or more PCI Express X16 slot. If you don't know there is no major hardware difference between a Crossfire and SLI system. So theoretically it is possible to run SLI on CF mobo and vice verse. One good...
  7. M

    Motherboard confusion..

    I have decided on all other parts of my config but i am not able to decide the motherboard. I am buying an X58 based board and want to spare around 18k for the board. I chose these 2 options. 1. ASUS X58 TUF SaberTooth 2. MSI Big Bang XPower Both have military class components, solid state...
  8. desiibond

    EVGA's X58 Classified 4-Way SLI mobo and compatible GTX285

    Paired with the day's launch of the GeForce GTX 285 Classified, EVGA rolled out its newest motherboard monstrosity, the EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI (170-BL-E762-A1). This is one of the first motherboards based on the XL-ATX form-factor, with the board measuring 13.58 x 10.375 inches (L x W)...
  9. official

    Msi X58 ProE problem!!!

    I am planning to get msi x58 ProE for i7 920. I am also planning to get a gtx260 graphics card. In the mobo specs it said that it did not support SLI, is it that i cant install any nVidia graphics card on them?? If not which mobo will be better under 15K inr???
  10. official

    X58 boards and us!

    Well.. with the advent of civilization we Humans have always craved for xtreme power & dominance over others.And when "Nehalem" was introduced ,we just could'nt hold ourselves to take control over the beast. But with too much power comes great 'BILLS' too. Well too much of crap...So...
  11. A

    EVGA X58 SLI Classified to Launch in mid-February

    EVGA X58 SLI Classified to launch in mid-February Possibly the 16th Last month, we reported that EVGA intends to launch its flagship X58 SLI Classified 141-BL-E759-A1 motherboard sometime after Chinese New Year. Well, that day has already passed, and so we checked back with the company for...
  12. A

    EVGA Classified X58 Motherboard Unveiled

    EVGA Classified motherboard unveiled the rumored "For The Win" edition Living overclocking legend Peter Tan "Shamino" has just recently posted on his popular site VR-Zone a classified preview detailing EVGA's upcoming X58 motherboard. For the die hard EVGA enthusiasts, speculate no more, as...
  13. A

    MSI Eclipse Plus X58 gets pictured

    MSI Eclipse Plus gets pictured MSI still serious about high-end motherboards Although details about MSI's Eclipse Plus leaked out some time ago, the first picture of the actual board has only just surfaced thanks to our friend over at Syndrome-OC. This is one of the first X58 motherboards...
  14. A

    EVGA X58 Motherboard is in the Works - don't get set on other offerings just yet!

    EVGA X58 Motherboard Confirmed - don't get set on other offerings just yet! I've known this for quite some time now, and I just didn't know if it was still under NDA or not, but - EVGA will be releasing an X58 motherboard that will *hopefully* release at the launch of Nehalem. I've talked to a...
  15. A

    *Possible* Core i7 Release Date - November 17, 2008

    I may have figured out the official Bloomfield release date according to the following information: SF3D says the NDA will be lifted November 13. He has many pictures of the Foxconn motherboard. http://www.xtremesystems.org/Forums/showthread.php?p=3328214#post3328214 And here's the new...
  16. elenec

    Early Look: Asus P6T Deluxe

    Hi All, Source
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