Project Xdev:SLI in any dual X16 Slot mobo


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Guys, here is a interesting hacking story. Now we can use SLI on any motherboard with 2 or more PCI Express X16 slot.
If you don't know there is no major hardware difference between a Crossfire and SLI system. So theoretically it is possible to run SLI on CF mobo and vice verse. One good example is X58 chipset, supporting both Crossfire and SLI (obviously nVidia certified ones, nVidia gets $5 for each of their certified motherboard sale).
But the obstacle is nVidia's software validation, SLI-capability of motherboard checked by complex encrypted routines in videocard drive, which was very hard to bypass.
But things have changed with officially SLI-capable Intel X58 chipset. In the case of Intel X58 motherboards, checking SLI support by driver was developed with a simplified scheme, which uses text strings and identifiers for all present and future X58-boards.Later P55 are also was added to support similar SLI certification procedure.

Read the whole story, guide and download the Hacking tool from here.
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