1. chimera201

    Is my external HDD dead?

    HDD: WD My Passport Essential SE 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - WD : Flipkart.com Bought in July,2012 Disk Management: Choosing ok results in "I/O error" WD Diagnostics: Write Zeros fails with "delete partitions error"
  2. I

    write protected DataTraveler USB Drive

    hiii...please help me how to format write protected DataTraveler USB Drive
  3. S

    SSD in non AHCI supported MB

    I just ordered a used Samsung 830 256 GB SSD from Ebay. for Rs.3500/- MB is AsRock N68C-GS FX with Four SATA 2 ports. there is no AHCI option in BIOS. I know SATA II can only give max 250 MBps to 300 MBps speed, I will be OK with that. But I am worried if the write speed going to be as low as...
  4. T

    War Of SSD's

    Lets us have a war of SSD. I want to include all the SSD in this forum. It can be of any company but the best that you know.I know some of them like: Kingston Technology (HyperX Savage SSD) A premium brand with premium quality devices with good speed as well as durability. HyperX Savage...
  5. R

    Android 4.4 has blocked sd card for write

    Android 4.4 has blocked sd card for write guys is it possibe to solve this problem without rooting.
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Critics on my Blog

    Well, It's been around 4 years I bought this domain on my name. I installed wordpress on the very first day and thought of blogging. But I could never get any topic about what to write which is unique. I read many blogs regarding what to write and all but couldn't fix on anything that's unique...
  7. kg11sgbg

    Unable to write DVD or CD through DVD writers in Windows

    I am unable to read or write DVD/CD (accessing data,burning an OS,etc.) through my DVD writers in Windows 7. What is the problem????
  8. P

    SanDisk USB pendrive WRITE PROTECTED

    My 16GB SanDisk USB pendrive is write protected. How can I remove write protection? Please tell me the solutions to remove write protection. email: --removed-- as per forum rules
  9. A

    Unicode in Photoshop

    Hello, I am not able to write unicode font in Photoshop cs3. Please tell me how can I do it. amit
  10. harshilsharma63

    Moserbear Pen Drive Got Write Protected

    Hi guys. My friend's Moserbear is getting the write protected error on writing to it. I searched the Internet for solutions buy none of them worked. Diskpart, Transcend utility, nothing worked. So is there any way to remove this problem?
  11. ariftwister

    How to make external HDD read only for others?

    Guys, I own a wd mypassport external hdd 1TB. Is it possible to make it as read only for other (users/user accounts) and read and write only for me? Doing so will block virus infections right?
  12. anirbandd

    Brand new Sandisk microSD 8GB card write protected??

    Hi all, I bought these Sandisk uSD cards from FK today. I mounted them on a card reader and connected them to my PC to perform a low level format before mounting them on my phone... It says the card is write protected.. can anyone help? i have had a Sandisk card before and it never was...
  13. I

    Data travellor problem

    I have 4 Gb usb data travellor. I cannot open o format it,shows msa "it is write protected" plz help me
  14. Chetan1991

    Please review my writing (South Park Summaries)

    Here's a link to some stuff I've been writing: My South Park Summaries and Reviews I can't get myself to write fiction because of my perfectionism so I tried to write summaries to first increase the quality of my general writing. Please take a look at the summaries and feel free to give any...
  15. M

    pendrive write protection removal

    I have sandisk cruzer blade 8 GB pen drive. whenever I go to copy files from my computer to it, it gives me message " The disk is write protected. remove write protection first." How should I remove it. I tried it at my own , but unable to see any write protection removal option in...
  16. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    amd never settle bundle help (md computers)

    i had recently bought a gpu from md computers 7970 vapour x ghz edition .........i sold it off to a friend now he wants the games free i go to amd's website ....where i find they are asking a form to be filled which at the end i find out needs a 16 digit serial key the sapphire card which was in...
  17. A

    where can i write the review about my college so that a lot of class 12 pass out students can see it

    i have to write the review of my college and the other private engineering colleges in u.p. Which is the most popular source or way, according to you, to do this. please don't google "college review" and reply, i have done it. In your opinion is there any other way i can write the review my...
  18. J

    sample programme

    How to make a simple calculator in dev c++? Can someone write full programme? Thanks in advance.
  19. sumonpathak

    GSkill Phoenix III SSD review

    Among all PC components none gives more sense of performance than the SSD.The general snappiness of the system brings a smile and satisfaction to anyone. Today we have such a component on the test bench.presenting the Phoenix III SSD from the stable of Gskill. The SSD was on my radar for a...
  20. v.Na5h

    Write protect an existing partition on HDD

    Guys as the title says is there any way other than using the security tab/icacls/cacls or encryption etc to Write protect an existing partition on HDD... For eg i want my E: drive (which contains movies & mp3) to be read only ie files cannot be modified nor deleted even with administrator...
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