Write protect an existing partition on HDD


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Guys as the title says is there any way other than using the security tab/icacls/cacls or encryption etc to Write protect an existing partition on HDD...

For eg i want my E: drive (which contains movies & mp3) to be read only ie files cannot be modified nor deleted even with administrator privileges


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Its very simple. Make a Administrator Account and then block the write and delete permission for other users and then no one can modify or delete it. But as you are saying even with administrative privilege. In this case it won't work as if you have the password then you can modify the contents.


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DYes....but as i said i dont want to fiddle with permissions...
any other method other than that...
I read these steps somewhere, just copy-pasting the text:

drive “Access is denied” message?

start>Run=type(“CMD" without ” “) enter.

follow these
1. go to C:\ by typing C:\>cd c:\
2. type C:\>attrib -S -H -R autorun.inf
3. delete the file by typing C:\>del autorun.inf
4. goto drive D: by typing C:\>d:
5. repeat step 1,2 and 3
6. do the same in all your drives (say you have C,D,E,F).
7. Close the DOS command window
8. Open task manager and “end task” the explorer.exe in the processes tab
9. From Application Tab in taskManager, select “new Task” button, type “explorer.exe”

reply if it worked.


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in one simple word:NO.as long as one has an admin account you can't do anything to prevent file modification if that person knows what he is doing(taking permission control,using command prompt etc).

@harshilsharma6,the steps you posted are meant to delete hidden autorun files in a drive's root created by virus/malware.
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