1. avichandana20000

    connecting pc to laptop issue

    My PC is running WIN7 ULTIMATE 64 BIT(config in signature) My LAPTOP is running WIN7 STARTER PACK 32 BIT( CPU B960 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD) Trying to connect both with the following steps 1. Changed my pc’s workgroup name to TEST( 2. Changed my laptop’s workgroup to...
  2. G

    Cannot Share Two PCS via LAN

    Cannot Share PCs via LAN Hello Friends, I have two PCs running Windows XP Pro SP2 and Windows Server 2003. Both PCS are LAN Card installed. When I want to connect both PCs via LAN Cable, the connection could not be established and I am unable to share file on both PCs. What I have done me...
  3. rohitshubham

    share through workgroup

    hey i have internet through sify broadband and thre is one common terminal for the whole apartment and whenever i open workgroup computers the list of all the person's computer of the terminal opens up even if i am not connected to the net(as in the pic) so, i was wondering that is there any...
  4. V

    Networking Vista and XP

    Dear Friends, I have tried to setup a network between my XP Desktop and Vista Laptop. I have read various pages on the web regarding this but could not achieve the required result. What needs to be done? Is there any old thread relating to this problem. Both my systems are having same Workgroup...
  5. G

    Problem with lan

    I have 7 computers all have win xp are connected to a hub and all of them are connected to the internet through this hub. We use this connection as a lan.6 computers are able to view each other but one comp is not able to connect to the lan though it is able to connect to the internet. I tried...
  6. T

    Other workgroups or computers on my network

    My office has three computers networked via Zebronics hub. All systems are running Windows XP SP2, with Reliance Broadband. The problem: We have access to other computers and workgroups outside our workgroup. We have given a name to our workgroup. I believe they may have access to our workgroup...
  7. JohnephSi

    Network Neighbourhood Lan

    Plz tell me the settings to connect 2 computers through lan. to play lan multiplayer game. I have made the setting bt when i go view workgroup computers it sayv mshome is not acessible ...... .Plz help me to connect lan between my laptop n pc.
  8. sourav

    networking xp to vista

    i have a lappy and desktop. my desktop runs windows xp pro and windows vista ultimate. i have already networked windows xp of my desktop to the lappy. but i am not able to network vista with laptop's xp. remember workgroup is workgroup and i have kept lappy on automatic ip mode since it...
  9. subratabera

    Need Help: Unable to setup LAN

    Hello friends, One of my friend wants to setup LAN between his laptop & desktop. He called me for this and now I am stuck in a strange problem. Both systems runs Windows XP. Everything seems to be ok but there is no connection at all as it says "NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED" (LEDs are off). I have...
  10. J

    remote monitering

    Dear friend iam a system support engineer in a small company with 30 pc all are using xp professional with service pack 2 and all the machines are networked in workgroup enviornment please suggest me a software to remotely moniter and control the client computers.Hope somebody will responds...
  11. V

    network neighbouhood

    how can i remove my pc from workgroup without disabling network connection
  12. zero

    Ghost Terminals in Workgroup

    Sometimes in a workgroup setup a terminal keeps showing up even after the person has phisically disconnected from LAN... I wish to know what can I do such that it removes that member as soon as he is out or atleast removes when I want it to display only the exixting workgroup members.
  13. T

    why this computer is not browsable in workgroup???

    hi, NOTE: computer is all win xp pro SP2 i have this one computer in my workgroup which dosent seem to be browsable via network. when clicked on the computer icon in network neigh'd, it displays this message: \\computername is not accessible. you might not have permission to use...
  14. S

    Domain Vs Workgroup

    Hello Everyone!!! I m new in netwroking. I m having some doubts and confusion so pls helpme. 1. what is domain, workgroup. what is difference b/w these two? 2. what is domain server and DNS Server. what's the task they both perform? bye & Thanx
  15. J

    ip trace solutions

    i want to trace another machines ip addresh all machines i have on same workgroup help
  16. A

    Wireless Networking

    I have a Wireless Laptop and a Desktop PC running XP and Win 2000 respectively. They are connected through a Netgear Wifi Router with the following IPs assigned to them by DHCP dynamically. Router Laptop PC I wanna share files between them...
  17. S

    about printer administration

    i am working in IT base company. And we have 3 network printer(hp 2200) which are conneted to network with static ip. i want to know is there any software which can maintain the full log or details about printer( like date,ip address,and what user are printing on printer). we dont have domain...
  18. dhawald

    keyboard typing wrong things

    I recently formatted my computer installing win2k,xp(sp2) I have microsoft mutimedia keyoard in xp my keyoard types # instead of \ and shows the "pound" symbol when i type # also while setting up my network settings while giving workgroup name as madhav it gives an error "workgroup...
  19. I

    ..:: Need Ur Help ::..

    I HAVE RS. 24,500.00 WHAT IS THE OPTIMUM PC CONFIG ?? I DON'T NEED CD/CDRW/DVD/SPEAKER/Floppy drv/keyboard (we already have these things) we have 5 pcs in the workgroup. we will setup this new pc as workgroup server, which will be running 3 main a softwares - Oracle 8i + SQL Server 2000+IIS...
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