1. M

    Make Your Own Email List

    Hello :) At the point when searching for approaches to expand your web movement, make certain not to disregard the strategy that gloats one of the most astounding records of progress. With a normal 3800% rate of profitability, that technique is email advertising. Set apart from the disorder...
  2. N

    How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings!

    Hello, everyone ! I started a blog a few months back with blogger platform. Now after sometimes I found it improving in terms of organic response and searches I am thinking to upgrade it to WordPress. Now I looked over many how to video and read a lot of blogs , but very confusion about...
  3. C

    Wordpress Login Error due to 2-Step Auth

    At first, I created a wordpress account. Then, enabled 2-Step Authentication via Google Authenticator on Android. Then, it worked well. But, I deleted my app. After that, I tried using one of the 10 backup codes to login, but they all failed. I also re-installed the app, but the codes are not...
  4. vedula.k95

    All Wordpress Mafias Help Me out.

    hey guys these days i am referring to Wordpress Site Tutorial of Lynda.com(Made in 2010) and right now i have downloaded Bitnami + Wordpress bundle *i have some question in my mind do i have to use Wamp or it seems to me like the new bundle is already integrated with Mysql *i was blogging in...
  5. gdebojyoti

    Which Wordpress plugins to choose?

    One of my friends wants to create a website on Indian football news. He has a team of three. He wants to use Wordpress for it. What plugins (preferably free) are required for this? The site will have the following components/ features - 1. There will be multiple moderators (fellow team...
  6. theserpent

    Wordpress help

    I need some help for my wordpress a2graph | Photoshop,Photography,News,Tech. Well the help that i need is you see i have sub-pages=mobiles,reviews but how do i post into those pages? it's not possible at all :/
  7. dashang

    about wordpress plugin

    i have a wordpress blog: | Just another WordPress site I had added a WOO TUMBLOG plugin. It got added in another page named "post" . But i want it on home page now . Please tell me what to do the plugin appears when i log in and navigate to "post" page. i want to transfer my plugin to home...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Unlimited Weblog Hosting - eWebGuru vs Wordpress Premium

    A friend of mine needs a website for an app he is developing, and does not want bandwidth restrictions on the site, because of images, videos, etc he may be hosting. We initially thought of getting a wordpress.com blog and paying 99$ for wordpress value bundle (10GB Space, VideoPress, Custom...
  9. buddyram

    Wordpress Schedule Single Event Bug!

    Hi Wordpress Geeks, I am a novice in Wordpress, was working on a schedule single event function(wp_schedule_single_event) wherein to update the database on a given time period. I am unable to set the wp_schedule_single_event function. Below are the code snippets which i followed to...
  10. mohityadavx

    XAMPP Timeout

    Hey I have been using wordpress with bold theme by elegant themes. I have installed wordpress on my local machine using XAMPP. The problem is the menu bar which I am is using has 23 items and is working fine but the problem is I want to remove one of these item from the menu but when I try to do...
  11. mohityadavx

    Making Static HTML into Wordpress

    Hey! I have made this website www.bleedlaw.com. Now i wanted to transform this into Wordpress. So I installed Wordpress in XAMPP and have made the entire site in it. Now my question is if I make a Database in my hosting with same name , password etc as used in for XAMPP. Then upload the...
  12. L

    WordPress Vs. PSD Templates

    I'm new to web designing and i'm looking forward to figure out which is best for ERP-CMS or just the CMS? Either the WordPress based webtemplates or PSD Templates? Please kindly guide me through. Thanks in advance.
  13. windchimes

    Doubt on CMS

    Hello DIGITians Got one website for a publication house to be shaped up. I have no fair idea on the technology working behind but would like to know what exactly is the job of CMS and where it stops and what is the difference between Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and how one wins over the...
  14. devx

    Stuck with FILEZILLA server/Client

    Greetings., After so much of effort i finally managed to host my WordPress site on my local server successfully., and done customizing with themes & installing necessary plug-in., but it's of no use if i couldn't upload it to online server., there are lot of WordPress tutorials out in internet...
  15. Shah

    My New WP Blog

    I have just created a wordpress blog with a co.cc domain. I need your suggestions on how the theme looks and more. I have posted only one post so far. Here's is the link of my blog.
  16. hellknight

    Wordpress joins the Blackout

    Guys.. Wordpress has joined Reddit & Wikipedia in Anti-SOPA blackout today. So, if you have a Wordpress blog, please black it out using following directions :- * Go to Settings :--> Protest SOPA/PIPA in your dashboard. * Select if you want to jon the blackout or show a ribbon. Please join the...
  17. U

    Word Press Tutorials

    Here's a list of few word press tutorials hosted by uImbibe.com We hope you find them useful How to set a link in WordPress Using Featured Images in WordPress Making text bold and changing text color in WordPress Making New Posts in WordPress Adding MP3s to a sidebar Flash MP3 Player in...
  18. leo61611616

    WordPress 3.1 Released

    The fourteenth major version of WordPress has been finally released to the public in the form of WordPress 3.1. WordPress 3.1 has been codenamed “Reinhardt” , in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and with it continued the trend of naming releases with musicians names. Read more...
  19. nithinks

    Complete Tutorial : Host your own blog / website

    Source : Host your own blog , website | My Tech Yard After many days , I got some time to write this featured article about hosting your own blog or a website. Most of the people think its very complicated, actually its not , here I will explain how you can achieve the same! First, you...
  20. leo61611616

    WordPress Gets Gravatar Hovercards

    WordPress.com has rolled out a new feature called “Gravatar Hovercards” today. Gravatar Hovercards will show additional information about a user such as there name, bio, pictures, and their contact info at other services they use on the web like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Read More...
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