1. A

    Need a CPU for Gaming Pc

    Guys can you me in choosing a new Processor for Gaming Rig....:-? One of my frd has suggested me to go wit AMD processor rather then Intel as its cheap and more value for money. Since AMD doesnt do any promotion or adverting like intel its more cheaper then Intel. I have read many...
  2. K

    Canon SX 130 IS vs Sony DSC - H55

    Hi Guys, I cant decide between SX 130 and H-55. Both are almost around the same price and with same features. SX 130 uses AA batteries which is my main concern. I'm not a pro wit cams. l just need cam for family occasions, group pics wit friends. Also i need good flash for taking pics...
  3. MegaMind

    does this support x6 1090T?

    Hey guys i wanna know whether ASUS M4A78LT-M LE mobo works wit x6 1090T?
  4. A


    i downloaded icq 7.2 n wen i run it i get a critical error beep n a dialogue box wit the mesage "mreport.dll" wat should i do??:-(
  5. phil2097

    help me get a decent gaming rig under 30k

    i need a gaming rig under 30k this is a short idea of wat i need but its free to be edited .. . . . amd phenom 555 BE 890gx motherboard 2gb ddr3 1gb or 512mb ddr5 gpu- 5650 or 5770 iball baby 360 cabinet wit 400w psu n 2 fan acer lcd 20.5in seagate baracuda 1tb hdd lg dvd drive wit light...
  6. speedyguy

    Which antivirus for my not so new desktop?

    i have a 2004 purchased system, my rig is p4 1.8, 512mb ddr, intel 845gv chipset, ati radeon 9200SE AGP 128mb m planning to purchase an antivirus as m done wit formatting everytime coz of these spywares n trojans.... kindly suggest me an app which wud run well but light on my system...
  7. speedyguy

    help:hp tablet notebook recovery drive lost

    m trying to reinstall windows vista home premium which came originally wit my pc (hp pavilion tx1003 au / tx1000 series)... while formatting my hdd to install xp over it last time i bymistake erased te recovery drive for vista i had.... thankfully i had created a windows restore disk but more...
  8. speedyguy

    Best cam fone upto 18k

    my frnd is buying it just as an alternative to a digicam...coz he wants a good cam wit mobile....so most imp factor is cam wit best possible cam features on that range... plz advice.... other preferred features like gprs edge, exp card, music n all those wich v normally find in any decent...
  9. speedyguy

    New xbox 360 game

    m buying for d 1st time an xbox 360 game for my console...hv no idea abt it as m nood wit it.... all i know is games ar alwez above 2k price so plz advice me a nice game... my likes r mostly wwe .... but along wit it i hv been good wit counter strike, nfs series, fifa, cricket so far in...
  10. speedyguy

    nokia 5700 xpressmusic cam problem

    hi I hv recently bought this 3g phone which is damn packed wit features but I found issue as d cam doesn't work out well in even slight dim conditions despite being a 2mp cam wit flash. D image is blurry n pixelated. Though ts good at day lite. N battery backup is also poor, lasts not more than...
  11. dreams

    iPhone with contract

    hi my frnd is in canada..can I ask him to get me a iPhone from thr and use it in india??? he is telling the cost of the same is 199$ when bought wit contract and without contract its 700$. If my frnd is getting the contract mobile, give it to me, i unlock it, can i use it wit other SIM??? wat...
  12. R

    Samsung Touchwiz F480 Camera or Noika 5800XM

    Samsung Touchwiz F480 has 5MP cam wit LED Flash Noika 5800XM has 3.2 MP cam wit Dual LED Flash Which is better?????????? Can u guys giv pics taken by each of the cameras????????
  13. speedyguy

    Simulation Project

    Hi, i hv 2 finish a project on simulation and graphics gaming by end of this week....i hv already run out of time so cudnt finish wat i started.... can ne1 plz help me out wit a game and a simulation project..using c/c++ m more in need of simulation....thanx in adv Enjoy~!
  14. speedyguy

    Need cdma mobile upto 9k

    plz help wit this.....i have an indicom connection... best mobile upto 9k....camera wit flash prefered....and fm ps: not any very specific requirements Enjoy~!
  15. speedyguy

    N 5300 or W350i??? plz advice soon

    m mainly foccusing on quality music on earphones wit expandable slot.... camera not concern coz i already hv a digicam but still better if atleast 1.3mp is present for instant click... stylish looks preferred... i can see nokia 5300 and se w350i....both look good but wich ones better...
  16. Roadripper

    How much ll i get ???

    FS:Want to Sell this rig!! Sellin this off Prices mentioned post ur PMS ... BTW running vista ultimate and al games like grid creed etc... P4 3.06ghz Prescot.. 1.7k--SOLD gigabyte 8I915mef6 wit agp and pci express 16X slots 1.4k 1.gb ddr 333 mhz 1.2k---SOLD 512mb ddr 333mhz 600 ... plus...
  17. speedyguy

    Plz help me wit these drivers...

    see image below... iv installed xp aftr removing vista from my hp pavilion tablet pc (amd64*2, 1gb, 120gb hdd, nvidia geforce go6150 wit touch screen n fingr reader etc.) found n downloaded all drivers accept these flashing in device manager....can ne1 recognise it n tell me whr can i...
  18. bkpeerless

    problem with the club

    I just installed the club after starting the game exactly after 4- 5 mts the game closes and i am send to the desktop. There as no problem with the installation and i have the latest driver also wit xp sp2 then what is the problem.. I am not getting any error also plz help
  19. speedyguy

    VERY URGENT: digicam of these 2....

    *www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8440243&st=kodak&lp=7&type=product&cp=1&id=1183160354087 *www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8548084&type=product&id=1190676991603 one has price other has a brand name...can i go for kodak digi cams or shud i stay wit canon....my max...
  20. appu

    help related to blog

    I have created a blog on blogger long time ago......i didnt update it for long time but now i am interested in it...and i am willing to post and be online for 2-3 hours for the blog. Wat i wann know is how can i earn money wit adsense using my blog and and suggestions for improving my blog...
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