1. Shah

    Should I buy an used iPhone 5S?

    I have been a Windows Phone user for years. I have waiting for a worthy budget Windows Phone from Microsoft to upgrade. But I don't feel like buying Lumia 550. Lumia 650 is overpriced. Lumia 950 and 950 XL are out of my budget. I don't want to spend more than 12k INR on a phone and there is no...
  2. harshilsharma63

    Need Basic Phone For Mom - WhatsApp, 3G Data required

    Hi, I need a basic phone, probably Nokia/Microsoft for my Mom. Phone should be able to run WhatsApp and support 3G for web browsing. Though I'm looking for feature phone I also want to know your view on whether a Windows phone will be good for her considering the simple interface. 1. Budget? -...
  3. patkim

    Looking for a new Netbook in 18K

    My current Asus X200MA is dead and I am looking for a new notebook 1) What is your budget? INR 18K Max (if nothing available can stretch to 20K) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 12" 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing...
  4. M

    Laptop below 30000, with OS loaded andwithout optical drives

    can anyone suggest, Laptop under 30K,having preloaded windows and no optical drives,preferrably with 3 years warranty
  5. sam9s

    Are gaming consoles coming to an end?

    The title says it all, what do fellow members have to say here .. PlayStation Now brings Sony games to Windows PC this fall - CNE
  6. Akira

    PS Now is coming to the PC

    Sony has officially announced the coming launch of PlayStation Now on the PC, first in parts of Europe and “shortly thereafter” in North America. “This will bring a wide selection of PlayStation exclusive titles to Windows PC for the very first time, including entries in the Uncharted, God...
  7. A

    HP Pavilion G6 2010ax Windows 10 random freezing

    Hello As the title suggests i have HP Pavilion G6 2010ax running Windows 10 Pro TH2 1511 which randomly freezes.Nothing happens screen is stuck ,no task manager nothing.I have to hold the power button to turn it off. I checked hdd which is ok.What can be the problem?
  8. B

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10+other issues Hi Guys, I shared a Canon LBP 2900B printer connected to Windows 10 laptop to a system with Windows XP computer using the steps as mentioned in the links below(check in the order of the links)- How to connect Windows...
  9. Limitless

    PC won't turn off

    Hi I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro and whenever I shut down the monitor switch offs but the fan are running Please help Do I have to upgrade BIOS (never upgraded bios before)? My Motherboard:- Asus M5A97 R2.0
  10. B

    Windows 10 quick questions.

    Sorry I'm making a new thread for this. If I remember correctly, there was a sticky Windows 10 thread on this forum, but I couldn't find it right now. Sorry again for asking these questions; these are things that I had myself read about earlier on various sites but I don't remember anything...
  11. S

    Not able to boot into Windows 7

    Hi all, My Dell laptop came with a preinstalled Windows 7 home Basic. I tried upgrading to Windows 10 last week.. There was some issue with software compatibility and I could not even go back to the Windows 7. Now, the laptop is starting in safe mode but I am not able to login as keyboard and...
  12. S

    Laptop Needed for budget around 60k

    Hi, I am an avid internet surfer and movie watcher. But most importantly a writer and movie maker (sort of). I know it is a hard task to edit movies on a laptop and I have always used FCP on iMacs so I am not so sure about getting a windows laptop. But I guess in this budget I can't afford a...
  13. F

    Trouble booting to kali Linux (Debian)

    When I try to boot into my os, it gives me an error that it gave up waiting for root device and drops into a shell ( busy box) because /dev/sdb6 does not exist.i am currently running Windows 10 in my first drive.i think the boot partition for Linux is no. 5 in second drive . Is there a command...
  14. K

    Windows 10 installation: windows could not apply unattended settings during pass [Offline Servicing]

    Hi folks, I bought ASUS R558UR. Facing the Win10 64 bit Installation issue: "Windows 10: windows could not apply unattended settings during pass [Offline Servicing]" This occurs during the Installing updates phase while installing windows 10. Please help me.
  15. V

    Recovery Drive for my Windows 10

    I have been waiting for more than 10 hours now for my recovery drive operation/creation completed in my windows 10. Still the message "Please Wait" is there and the operation going on. Yesterday also it happened. How much time normally it will take?
  16. TheHumanBot

    Windows 10 Discussion

  17. B

    Windows 10 weird issues

    Hello Friends, We have a Harassment-Packard laptop that came with a Windows 10 Home OS. It is giving weird issues like sometimes the wifi disconnects all of a sudden and we have to restart to make it connect again. In networking properties sometimes the realtek wifi shown is disabled and when we...
  18. G

    I cannot able to create file or folder with name "2" in windows 7 why?

    I cannot able to create file or folder with name "2" in windows 7 why?
  19. V

    Windows 10 - GP service issue on logon

    I have recently upgraded my laptop to windows 10. Fine. But for the past 10 days, I am getting the following notification, whenever the laptop boots. "Failed to connect to window service. Could not connect to Group policy client service." etc. Whether the above position is a hindrance to my...
  20. digibrush

    Windows 10 Home or Pro?

    I am using Windows 10 free upgrade version(windows 10 Pro) over win 7 professional from last year. Free uses over i want to buy a fresh version of windows 10. question is which version should I buy. Win 10 Home 64 bit retail costs 7.5K Plus Win 10 Pro 64 bit retail cost 11k plus...
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