1. vidhubhushan

    suggestion for a 5k phone for a friend

    Budget Increased - suggestion for a 7k phone for a friend need suggestion for a 7k phone for a friend 1. Budget? Ans: Budget Increased to INR7000 2. Display type and size? Ans: Any. 3. Dual sim? Ans: Not a priority 4. Preferred choice of brand? Ans: reputed / good brands preferred 5...
  2. P

    3d desktop

    i have a pc with gigabyte M5 78L-M motherboard and inno3d 2gb ddr5 graphics carr. i want yo know is there any simple software which turns my pc viewing simply into anaglyph 3d i.e. every operation frm windows explorer to any application. my led is dell s2240 21.5 inch. please help me guys.
  3. patkim

    Looking for a laptop, basic config. Please suggest

    Looking for a laptop, basic config. Please suggest. Thanks. 1) What is your budget? < 20000 INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Screen size 12 to 14 should be enough 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Everyday...
  4. M

    Phone under 6K NO gaming

    1. Budget? 6k, the lower the better. 2. Display type and size? no preference 3. Dual sim? yes. Dual Sim support needed. 4. Preferred choice of brand? brands like Motorola, Asus, Nokia, etc. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? no front facing camera needed. 6...
  5. bssunilreddy

    PC shuts down all of a sudden and needs to power on to boot into windows... Please help...

    Hai, PC shuts down all of a sudden and needs to power on to boot into windows... My config is in my Signature.Is it the Mobo or the PSU? My Mobo is Gigabyte B85M-D3H Rev1.0 & PSU is Corsair VS550.Do I need to change the PSU as I was thinking to buy Seasonic S12II 520w in March. I re-assembled...
  6. rohitshakti2

    Recovering Pendrive after making it bootable

    I had made my usb drive bootable for installing win7 using the method given below but the light had gone after using the command Type “format fs = ntfs quick” and hit “ENTER” and when 65% of format was done. Now when I again opened the PC and saw the pen drive in cmd it is showing and using...
  7. F

    PC doesnt wakeup

    Hi, I am currently facing an Issue with my PC When It goes to Sleep it doesnt wake up somtimes (Basically hangs in sleep, numlock light doesnt change) and even after pressing the reset (or holding the shudown and then starting) the pc fans and stuff start running but the PC doesnt Boot I...
  8. A

    Media jerks(Lagging) in Windows 8.1 64 bit

    when i play any media in my lapy it lags frequently in 30-40 seconds in Windows 8.1. when i was using Win 7 64 bits in same lapy, it was working fine. Don't know wot to do? :cry::cry: My Laptop is HP pavilion g4 2049tx intel core i5 3rd gen, 4 gb ram, radion graphics.
  9. Inceptionist

    HDD shows up in BIOS but not in Windows.

    I've got friend's PC for the purpose of checking what's wrong with it. So I cleaned it and ran Memtest on RAM first, no issues with that. Then I scanned the HDD (Seagate Barracuda 500 GB) for issues with UBCD. It gave me no errors. But the problem is that it is not detected by Windows. It...
  10. harshilsharma63

    anyone using Windows 10?

    Hi guys. I have to reinstall the OS in my system and I'm thinks ng aboyt using Windows 10 TP as the primary OS. I woyld lile to know if anyone is using Wondows 10 as their primary OS can report how atable the latest builds and if it's okay for daily a
  11. cute.bandar

    Resized windows 8 partition and now everythings messed up

    So I resized my windows 8 partition from a usb gparted (ubuntu) . Restarted and everything has gone crazy inside windows 8. Problems: 1. start screen icons are gone (including the user login one) 2. task bar icons are gone as well 3. can't change certain things , like unlock the taskbar...
  12. R

    Upgrading my PC, Suggestions? Hackintosh friendly

    Hey guys, I've decided to upgrade my PC. I have the following config: CPU: i7 920 Mobo: Gigabyte EX56 UD5 Ram: Corsair 6GB tri channel HDD: 1 TB WD green GPU: HD 5770 PSU: Cooler Master GX 550 ( I know I compromised with PSU) Cabinet: CM 690 Monitor: Benq 22 inch LCD I suppose that's the...
  13. K

    Software to Stream Audio Using Airplay from a Windows PC to Airplay Speakers ?

    Hi, is there any software or App which will help me stream Audio, music from my Windows PC via Airplay on a Airplay Speaker ? If yes, can someone please name some of them ? Thanks
  14. zacfx05

    DELL 1520 Wireless Network Adapter Driver Windows 7 32 BIT- Help Urgent

    Hello Friends, I had formatted the laptop and installed windows 7 32-bit but unfortunately the wireless adapter is not showing in the Network devices and i cant find the exact working driver in Dell website. I had tried the drivers i got from dell website which itself has two or three...
  15. jatt

    Need Help to Install Windows Vista Home basic

    Hi frnds, I need help installing windows vista without system restore cd with OEM key,how can i and from where i can download windows vista home basic edition to clean install so that after that i can activate it with original key.thanks
  16. Desmond

    Microsoft set to acquire Mojang, makers of Minecraft

    Microsoft confirms it will buy 'Minecraft' for $2.5 billion Source : Microsoft confirms it will buy '''Minecraft''' for $2.5 billion | The Verge
  17. R

    Nokia Branding Removed from windows phones by MicroSoft

    Nokia brand gone soon, the "Phone" in Windows Phone too - news Lol as expected ... anybody still thinks windows phone has a chance ? :lol:
  18. S

    [Solved] Windows 8 installation

    I have HCL ME Xite 45 Laptop.It has 2 GB RAM.Can I install Windows 8 32 bit in my laptop.In Hcl website no driver software is available for windows 8 for this model.So if I can install windows 8 in my system.So please help me to find the place where I can get the required driver software.I have...
  19. T

    Is my GTX 560Ti Kaput? Please advise.

    Hi, My GTX 560Ti is from MSI (Twin Frozr II edition) and I've had it for over 3 years , the warranty has expired too as a result. Bit of a background on how the issues started: 1) Yesterday, I was playing World of Tanks when suddenly weird artifacts started to pop-up on the screen , it...
  20. sling-shot

    Will the ISO downloaded from this site be legal?

    I have come across this website Windows 8.1 Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Official It allegedly provides legal Windows 8.1 Professional ISO for free download. I believe free is not as in free beer but free to create installation media from which a bloatware free install of Windows is...
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