Is my GTX 560Ti Kaput? Please advise.


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My GTX 560Ti is from MSI (Twin Frozr II edition) and I've had it for over 3 years , the warranty has expired too as a result. Bit of a background on how the issues started:

1) Yesterday, I was playing World of Tanks when suddenly weird artifacts started to pop-up on the screen , it auto-quit to the desktop (though the WoT.exe was still running and alt-tabbing back didn't work). I ran MSI Afterburner and found that GPU usage was shooting upto 100% in the game. WOT updated their game to include an improve graphical mode which pushed your GPU to the limits. This was the first time I was playing WOT in months. Prior to this, I had no artifact issues with any of the other games.

2) Few hours later, I booted up windows and then I noticed odd green splotches on the screen. They would disappear when I refreshed but would reappear later. The splotches continued to appear in games I played from then on - Skyrim , World of Tanks e.t.c . Uh oh , real bad...I shutdown the PC.

3) Later, when I tried to boot Windows 7 , it automatically restarted just after the Window logo disappeared , I never got to the login page. At the boot selection screen , I saw these green specks:


4) It still wouldn't boot into Windows 7 (again restarting after the logo disappears). So I checked safe mode , and this is what I got. More green specks:


As you can see , more artifacts have appeared. From what I hear , this probably means the GPU is dead. I've tried uninstalling the display drivers as well, and it boots to Windows 7 (normal mode) with the default VGA drivers. The moment I install the nVidia drivers and reboot , it again restarts just before the login screen.

So , thoughts please? The warranty period is over , so if the card is truly dead , then suggestions on buying a good upgrade. I don't want this same card. Friend recommended GTX 770 over the R9 280X , especially since nVidia always had more stable drivers.


I too had the same kind of problem before my GPU shut down completely..
Get the ASUS GTX 770 !
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