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  1. V

    BSNL WIMAX!! The Tiger on the prowl..

    Move away 3 G!! EVDO .. You are a NUT!! now BSNL is knocking even its own products at competetive price ranges.. Wimax which was started much fanfire,about two years ago proved to be non started and fizzled out, because of its horrid rate.. ow it seemed some body smarter than the average...
  2. N

    Need help with my Asus router

    I really don't know which section this post qualifies for.. I am using Airtel broadband (512kbps unltd) and Tata Wimax connection (2mbps unltd) with Asus RT G32 wifi router connected to my laptop, desktop and ps3. What my issue is..Airtel is using Beetel modem and Tata Wimax provides CPE...
  3. N

    Looking for a new reliance connection-Wimax

    Hi all, I am using Tata wimax -prepaid with 2mbps night unlimited plan..but in daytime it cost me a lot..rs9/hr..Also, during the daytime, I gets frequent disconnects using Tata wimax..and I want to change my connection. I have heard about Reliance wimax and probably would go for it. I...
  4. A

    Reliance wi max Services?

    can anyone tell me about reliance wimax services, is reliance provide wimax services in delhi, is there any source where i can get more information about wi max services.
  5. T

    Tata Indicom WiMax launched in Delhi?

    Anyone having any info if Tata Indicom has launched WiMax services/trials in Delhi? Saw their posters, but couldn't read the customer care number.
  6. Asfaq

    On Reliance Wimax - What WiFi router do i buy?

    Hiya, was just wondering... what WiFi router is most preferable for the Reliance WiMax 300kbps unlimited connection? Will any router work or do I need to get a specific brand/model? The reason I ask is because I dont have a static IP and nor do I know a lot about setting the DHCP address. I...
  7. Gigacore

    Tata Rolling Out Large WiMax Network in India

    Tata Communications plans to connect 200,000 retail customers using WiMax by March 2009, the company said Tuesday. The company, which is targeting both retail and enterprise customers, said that it plans to roll out WiMax in 110 cities for its enterprise customers and 15 cities for retail...
  8. iMav

    BSNL's WiMax plans make it to Engadget

    ok i found it a proud moment that BSNL has found mention on engadget: Source
  9. E

    How is Tata Indicom Wimax

    How is Tata Indicom Wimax Service in Bangalore. How is the download speed My main use will be VPN connectivity with my office network. (I searched, couldn't locate any similar thread)
  10. W

    BSNL on project to offer 100 mbps of broadband speed @ Home

    Source :ET BSNL to float Rs 4k-cr tenders for WiMax KOLKATA: Telecom major Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) is all set to float two tenders with cumulative value of Rs 4,000 crore for rolling out WiMax in the country within two months. While the first tender of Rs 2,000 crore for launching WiMax...
  11. preshit.net

    VSNL to showcase retail WiMax services in Bangalore

    [ Via ]
  12. N

    Activating Standby/hibernate Option In Lenovo

    Hello Guys I Got Lenovo 204822q Lappy Frm My Bschool Can Any One Tell Me How To Activate Standby/hibernate Mode There Was Link In This Forum I M Unable To Search It, Plz Provide Me With Link, And Wimax As U All Know Is New Wireless Standard Which Is Comming In India, Are Wimax Enabled Routers Or...
  13. A

    Reliance Wimax- A pain in the ass

    When I subscribed for the Reliance Wimax connection I was hoping for writing a fantabulous review about this service but my dream did not materialize. Continue reading this post to know why the title is TOO JUSTIFIED. Before proceeding further to discuss about how Reliance Wimax is cheating...
  14. mayneu

    WIMAX is available in BANGALORE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys, its a great news that vsnl has started to provide the wimax service to all business people in bangalore...... so we proudly can say that bangalore is also going to be wirefree very soon...... wimax was started in bangalore on may 31st for the corporate people.... i am eagerly...
  15. shashank4u

    WiMax ready for rollout in India

    MUMBAI: After much talk, tests and trials, WiMax seems to be finally ready for commercial use in India. WiMax, high-speed internet access over a wireless connection, is a low-cost way to provide internet connectivity in places where laying cables is difficult Chennai-based Aircel is planning...
  16. the.kaushik

    will siy be able to rock?

    check this news... A Wimax solution from sify http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Sifys_WiMAX_solution_with_Mobility/551-79224-583.html
  17. zegulas

    WiMax in Mumbai

    When will WiMax come to Mumbai man? Its already deployed in Bangalore and I saw in Gadget Guru that WiMax will be available for us before January ends. They also showed that WiMax has a range upto 50KM. Now if thats true and if its incorporated in laptops then the whole world will get...
  18. N

    WiMax Bangalore????

    HEy, I heard that from feburary, Bangalore is going wireless with Wimax, translation:"High Bandwidth Internet".RE-A-llllll-yyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any news regarding this, please let me know.
  19. mayneu

    bangalore is going to be the first wimax enabled city???

    i saw this in a local news paper that bangalore is oing to be the first wimax enabled city. is this true that its the first city going to be wimax enabled??? i dont know when it is going to start the service.... but its a great news to hear about the technological advancement riht? is there...
  20. Simple_Graduate

    3G or Wimax

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