Need help with my Asus router

I really don't know which section this post qualifies for..

I am using Airtel broadband (512kbps unltd) and Tata Wimax connection (2mbps unltd) with Asus RT G32 wifi router connected to my laptop, desktop and ps3.

What my issue is..Airtel is using Beetel modem and Tata Wimax provides CPE box..they both have been assigned default ip's for there routers/cpe

Like Airtel you can access beetel modem through and tata CPE through

My concern is..when I'm browsing through Airtel..I need to change the Lan IP of Asus router to as default IP of Beetel modem is

If I'm using Tata Wimax..I need to change the IP address of router to Tata Wimax CPE box is using

What I usually do is change the IP of router and restart the router which takes 4-5 mins to change the connection.

Is there any way..that I can make a profile for both the broadband providers so that I can connect to one SSID and I'm connected to Airtel..and change the SSID and connected to Tata.

Any solutions ?
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