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  1. R

    Finally WImaX broadband in India

    Source:techtree.com Edit [techno_funky]:Post atleast somthing about the article no use posting direct links
  2. naveen_reloaded

    ``--__New High-Speed Wireless Broadband__--``

    Just got these news from the net.... just to share with the other DIGITIANZZZZ..... Often referred to as "wi-fi on steroids", Wimax or Wireless Interoperability of Microwave Access, is a low cost wireless broadband technology that could solve Indias problem of poor Internet penetration...
  3. iinfi

    Beceem offers WiMax to cell operators

    Beceem offers WiMax to cell operators so ....started jumping ??? :) :) :D
  4. whoopy_whale

    Powerpoint queries

    I have some troubles with Powerpoint.Please help me in the following matters. 1.How can I insert flash movies(swf) in my presentation? 2.Is it possible to convert a pdf file to ppt? 3.I need some good templates too.I am planning to take a seminar on WiMAX or RFID.I need something stunning.I...
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