WIMAX is available in BANGALORE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys, its a great news that vsnl has started to provide the wimax service to all business people in bangalore...... so we proudly can say that bangalore is also going to be wirefree very soon......

wimax was started in bangalore on may 31st for the corporate people....

i am eagerly waiting for the home connection...... i also searched how would be the tariff plan, i got surprised by seeing the tariff..... for 256 KBps it just 499 that too its UNLIMITED !!!!!!!!! WOW that sounds great... ithink BSNL in Bangalore is going to learn a big lesson from this.... as they are going to take minimum of 3-5 months for the new connection.....

but anyway tataindicom is surely going to make big bucks if it rolls out cheap tariff plans with attractive offers..... everybody is waiting for that service i am sure.....

here is the links to the above mentioned details......


but i didnt get a detailed confirmatory news regarding how much it is priced and since when its available for the home users.....

if anyone knows about it surely, kindly give us the links and source on whom to contact for the new connection pls...... we are all waiting for that service.......


OMG...!!!! i am very sorry about the link..... but i was surprised to see that tariff.In a hurry i didnt see the date of that news.....

but onething is true, wimax is launched in Bangalore..... if anyone has an information on different tariff plan, please let us know about it.....


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Oh buddy, its not about the date but this is absolutely false

see the link for yourself again in the bottom line it has written
"Hahahaha Gotcha 1st April"

and the post is posted on April 1 which is one of a april fool prank of Tech-tree.


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But wimax is coming to bangalore. I see lot of wimax stations/towers setup all around bangalore. It's going to be soon. My friend's company is going to introduce wi-fi enabled transport cabs soon. IMHO, they can't do this unless Bangalore wimax is up and running
BANGALORE: India's silicon hub Bangalore is all set to become the country's first tech city to be unwired with WiMax technology providing seamless integrated digital connectivity, a top official said here Thursday.

"Keeping pace with the latest technologies in convergence, we are moving from Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) to WiMax (worldwide interoperability for microwave access) for providing last mile wireless broadband access in place of cable and DSL (digital signal link)," Karnataka principal secretary (IT) Anup K. Pujari told reporters.

In the run-up to the upcoming Bangalore IT.In 2006 event next month, where WiMax equipment would be deployed on a pilot basis, the state government has sent RFPs (request for proposals) to five vendors, shortlisted from 13 companies that showed expression of interest (EoI).

"The Rs.200-million project covering the city and its peripheral areas will be executed by K-BITS (Karnataka Biotechnology & Information Technology Society), a nodal agency of the IT department, under the supervision of IIIT-B (Indian Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore) director S. Sadagopan.

"Once we receive the RFPs, the nodal agency will select two-three of the shortlisted vendors to award the contract, scheduled to be completed in the next 12 months. To achieve economies of scale and greater reach in terms of density, a flexible tariff will be reached for providing the last-mile connectivity," Pujari said.

http://www.siliconindia.com/shownews/33328 for more information

The Tata-owned Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL) has rolled out WiMax services in India. To begin with, the global communications company will offer the services to enterprise customers in Bangalore.

VSNL will extend its WiMax network to about 120 cities across India for enterprise customers and in five cities for retail customers by the end of this financial year. WiMax refers to high-speed internet access over a wireless connection and it is a low-cost way to provide internet connectivity in places where laying cables is difficult.

“We are proud to be the first company to launch WiMax-based services in India. This will help VSNL offer very high quality and seamless connectivity to our enterprise customers,” VSNL president (global data & mobility solutions) Vinod Kumar said in a statement in Mumbai.

“The launch of WiMax by VSNL offers a wireless solution to last mile connectivity issues faced by enterprise customers and opens up exciting possibilities for retail customers. WiMax has the potential to offer high-speed, wireless connectivity for data and Internet applications,” it said.

A number of companies from sectors like retail, financial services and automobiles are using VSNL’s Wimax services. VSNL has launched WiMax after conducting pilots in Bangalore and other locations VSNL is also the leader in the Wi-Fi space, with nearly 300 public hotspots in India.

Among operators, Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) is also planning to launch WiMax services very soon, having undertaken pilots at 14 locations. While Motorola as well as Nortel are offering equipment for WiMax, Alcatel-Lucent has completed the country’s first live WiMax field trial using Aircel’s licensed spectrum.

WiMax also allows applications in moving conditions such as video streaming, high-speed file downloads, voice over IP and web browsing.
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