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  1. ratul

    Positive Experience Saholic.com - Delhi - HTC Wildfire S

    URL: HTC Wildfire S Price in India | A510e Specifications, Features and Reviews Date of Purchase: Last year. Pin Code: 110092 Courier: Can't Remember. :( The experience was good, was shopping with them for the first time, so was a bit hesitant in ordering the phone, site showed under 48hrs...
  2. T

    Android phone for 8k-12k

    Was checking out Motorola defy plus, htc desire c, wildfire s, and explorer. Which one to go for ?
  3. A

    Suggestion for an Android Phone..

    My budget is around Rs. 10-13k. Some of my choices are Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Explorer & HTC Wildfire S. Which one is better? Any other suggestion from your side is welcome.
  4. V

    mobile by 15000

    i want to purchase a mobile..... an android one . i am bit confused first i chose se w8 it was'nt so good:cry: then i moved to htc wildfire ... resolution issue ::cry: then i saw htc wildfire s .... again a mob with sluggish processor:cry: then i saw se xperia mini ... i found it a too good...
  5. B

    Strange color patches on HTC Wildfire S

    I have noticed recently that my wildfire S have developed some strange yellow color patches in the back battery cover.Check the images.I tried cleaning it but it does not go off.I searched over google and found this.I use a black colored soft cloth pouch change in colour on the back cover of...
  6. Romonster

    Some questions regarding HTC wildfire s & S-off

    I was going to buy Wildfire S for my sis. But today when I read its rooting guide I found out that it can not be rooted normally (I need to buy some xtc clipper to s-off :shock:) So there isn't any other way to root it? If it can not be rooted then how is its stock performance? Does it lag...
  7. N

    HTC Salsa Vs HTC Wildfire S!

    Which one is better wildfire S or Salsa? Is the 2K price difference worth it?
  8. cooldude22

    Another mobile Dilemma

    Guys i've been scourging this forum for info but still confused. It's the budget phone dilemma. I mainly use ma phone for messaging,camera and playing games. confused whether to get wildfire S or desire or any other mobiles under 15k range good?
  9. A

    Wildfire vs galaxy fit

    well hello friends i am on a mobile search trip right now and cant figure out which is the better phone out of these 2. it would be very good if u can help me out here
  10. bubusam13

    Samsung Galaxy ace or HTC wildfire S or Nokia C6

    Please suggest my among these three phones. Samsung Galaxy ace or HTC wildfire S or Nokia C6 Ace has a faster processor, Wildfire S has more RAM, Nokia C6 is touch n type
  11. A

    In a Total Fix About Buying my 1st Android

    Hi Guys , This is my 1st post in this forum. I'm Going to buy my 1st android, My Budget is 10k -15k I searched various forums/sites for reviews. -Around 10 k slot i got impressed by LG OPTIMUS ONE (Highly Praised in many sites) but what confused me was , I couldn't understand...
  12. G

    samsung ace or wildfire s..

    pls help with the best phone under 15k my preferences are android gud camera gud screen samsung ace or wildfire s or any other which fits my preferences...
  13. B

    LG Optimus One P500 or HTC Wildfire S

    Hi guyz.I am stuck between Lg Optimus One and Htc Wildfire S.Which one should i go for ?I really liked the look and feel of HTC.But is it worth paying 3-4k extra ? Also anybody got ideas about the battery backup of HTC,its got a smaller battery than Optimus One.How is the support from HTC ?
  14. D

    HTC wildfire s available for preorder at Rs=14510

    HTC wildfire s available for preorder at Rs=14510 at flipkart:-) HTC Wildfire S Price In India: Buy HTC Wildfire S: Price, Reviews: Flipkart Mobiles at letsbuy rs=13999 Buy HTC Wildfire S (Grey)/Android v2.3/3G/Wi-Fi/5.0MP at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos...
  15. AndroidFan

    HTC Wildfire S Reviewed... Not really impressive...

    PhoneArena has reviewed the much awaited HTC Wildfire S. Those guys were not impressed with this little guy... YouTube - HTC Wildfire S Review Unless this phone retails for 12k levels, which is unlikely, LG Optimus One would continue to be the best VFM device...
  16. N

    LG Optimus One P500 OR HTC Wildfire

    I am planning to buy a phone and m stuck between these two. Please tell me which one is better.
  17. V

    htc wildfire

    i have a budget of 12k for a android based phone and i have come around HTC wildfire . plz share its pros and cons . and if any other suggestions .
  18. N

    HTC Wildfire or Motorola Backflip?

    I want a new Android, touchscreen phone, around 15k, and I narrowed it down to the HTC Wildfire and the Motorola Backflip. Both have almost the same specs, except for the QWERTY on the Backflip. I read reviews on cnet and some other sites, and the HTW Wildfire has got mostly positive reviews...
  19. A

    HTC Wildfire S release in India ?

    Does anybody have any information on when HTC Wildfire S will be released in India and the cost?
  20. dare_devil

    Should i go for HTC Wildfire?

    I am planning to buy HTC Wildfire, any one want to suggest any better phone in same price range?
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