Cyclic Rundancy Error

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Well my frnd just gave me a dvd burned by him on his system using nero it has 3 movies and lots of softwares.
2 out of the 3 movies are running fine but the 3 one is not running , wen i try 2 run d 3rd movie the system hangs and i hav 2 eject the dvd-rom . Same is the case wid software setup some of them r wrking but most of dem r not , wen i try to copy it 2 d harddisk it says "cyclic rundancy error" and the copying stops. Any solutions to dis problem???
I hav win xp on my sys.


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dude try copyin it usin the software ISOBUSTER.
ur movie will get copied n it will play, but i think softwares still wont work.
this software will copy it though.


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to copy a damaged dvd u need data recovery is a long process but u will be able to copy the dvd.
if the dvd is completely movie dvd with vob files in it,then u can use dvd decrypter else try cd/dvd data recovery or any other data recovery app.


try copying by ISOBUSTER and then also if doesnot copied it means ur CD / DVD is corrupted.

why donot u ask it again frm ur friend again.
True Frnds always helps in trouble.
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