Random beeps comin from motherboard

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i neeed help folks..1st of all my comp makes this 9 beeps wen i start...like "bip bip bip pause bip bip bip pause bip bip bip" lol..i had to say this way..and also in between wen i browse or something..it keeps makin 1 single beep ..no idea wats happenin...i cheked all temperatures.and alls under control..so i was wonderin wat the problem could be..plz help..thanks


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could be the processor fans or chipset fans that are running low or alternating between normal and low speed..resolve the issue before intense computing


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3 beeps indicate a memory problem. Clicky
Stress test your memory with something like orthos or prime95 :)
If they pass, blame the motherboard then.


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m usin asus M2N-E..so basically its coolin is via tat heatsink something...n i will check with the prime 95...bloddy sucks..lol..full spec

amd 6000+
asus M2n-E
gigabyte 8800GT
transcerd 2gb 800mhz
coolmasters 500w extreme

n i bought this in jan..hoping it doesnt give up on me...but the thing is comp is runin fine..but those beeps..sucks..

all the prime95 results r ok..but those random beeps keep comin.suks
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