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HI my friend just got a video ipod classic 80GB in which he stored 20gb of songs and video from itunes in his comp.He can to my house to get some stuff and wen he connected his ipod to my comp itunes said it "cannot read ipod".So we disconnect the ipod and i see that all his data has been deleted..i have heard abt itunes doing this wen it syncs to a new library but anyway it did not sync and wen i look at the ipod now it sais only 46.2GB free but it also sais there are no songs,videos or anything but somehow 45GB of the space is being occupied...is ter any fix for this?


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The iPod 5 Rs

  1. Try Re-setting it.
  2. Connect to iTunes & enable Disk-Mode.
  3. Enable Show Hidden Files & Folders
  4. Go to your iPod and in iPod_Control under Music you will see the mp3 files.
  5. If the folder does not show any songs, then i would say do a Restore. A how-to is given on the above link.


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yup...try restoring...although it'll delete vrything..........
my ipod has another weird problem with lyrics it shows the same lyrics for all the songs although every song has its own lyrics embedded in it(checked in itunes) ........
Any suggestions........
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