1. V

    Core I5 6500 + H110 motherboard

    Hi all, I am building my first rig and want to know prices for... 1) Core I5 + H110 Motherboard 2) 600 watt / 650 watt psu (continuous rated & of standard brands) P.S. I have seen price of I5 6500 on this forum as Rs 14,600, but on many online sites it about 15-16k+ can anyone suggest...
  2. evil_maverick

    Best possible Upgrade???

    Hello .... My current Config :: CPU - AMD FX 8320 Motherboard - ASUS M5 A97 LE R 2.0 RAM -Kingston HyperX Blu 1600 Mhz 8 gb DDR 3 Graphics card - XFX R9 280 X 3 gb HDD - 1) Samsung 840 Evo SSD 2) WD 500 GB Cabinet - Lancool PC K-57 CPU Cooler - Deepcool Neptwin PSU - Seasonic 600 Watt...
  3. Nanducob

    connecting microphone to speaker (single)

    Hi I want to connect microphone to my friend"s old sony passive speaker(4 ohm). He says a 40 watt amp is enough.So if I buy an amp ,where will I connect microphone ? sorry guys im noob :lol:
  4. H

    iball psy255????

    I wanna know how much watt is iball psy255???? The rail is +3.3v 15A +5v 15A +12V 18A +5VSB 2A -12V 0.8A How do come to know how many watt it is???????
  5. summers

    Seasonic S12 II - 620 Watt PSU

    Hello Friends, I want to know hows the Seasonic S12 II - 620 Watt PSU performance wise and how much warranty its having. One of my friend suggested me to go for it eyes closed. How's the A.S.S of Seasonic in India...? Moreover, will it be able to support a Sapphire R9 270X. I will be...
  6. aal-ok

    Cpu around 30k

    I am thinking of buying a pc next to next month i have a old monitor so it is not required urgently and can wait the specs i chose are giga byte ga b75n d3h motherboard intel i5 3470 processor 1tb hdd 8gb ram 450 watt psu cm cabinet is is all right for gaming i will also buy a gfx card below...
  7. funkysourav

    Is It Possible to Run a R9 280x or Any Other 250watt Card on Corsair VX450(40 Amp)

    As the thread says, I want to know if it is possible to run a R9 280x on a VX450 PSU? Corsair VX 450 is rated at 33 amp at+12v rail (396 watts) but is in actuality a 550 watt PSU with more than 40+ amps on +12v, as shown/tested on Hardwaresecrets, all the while maintaining clean power and...
  8. jkultimate

    PSU information please..

    I have a local Zebronics psu in my pc... I can't figured out how much Watts is that psu... Here is a pic of psu... its saying 300 watt for total consumption... So does it means that my PSU is 300 watt? Am considering buying a GPU soon, HD 6670 ddr5... so will it be enough for new graphics...
  9. T

    ati hd 6570 on a pci xpress1 slot? Help!

    I have a pc with the following config: Gigbbytega g31 chipset board with pci xprewithslot. Intel core2duo processor 2.0 Ghz. And generic psu zebronics 500 watt. one I also have a HCL 350 watt psu which is Spare. Recently i got ati hd 6570 2gb ddr3 card. Can i install the card on this...
  10. L

    Wattage of the SMPS required to run the following system

    Dear Support Desk, I recently purchased Asus Xonar D2X (sl No - 14YACM002641). I inserted it in the PCI-E slot and connected the 4 pin floppy drive power cable with the power pin of the sound card. But after that when I switch on the power, no display is coming to the screen. My PC config is...
  11. bestpain

    need urgent graphics

    sir,i need graphics card under 2k for playing crysis 3,2 i just want to play,nothing high or low matters.....my current pc pentium 4,256mb ram,220 watt psu(local)....will upgrade my motherboard and also buy 2gb ddr2 all second hand(dont know where)
  12. bestpain

    my budget gaming rig

    Intel i3 3220 at 7k Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Motherboard at 4k msi 7770 gpu at 8 k Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU at 3.2k Corsair DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM at 1.5k total 24k
  13. A

    corsair vs450 watt smps

    is this smps good
  14. A

    regarding good smps

    i want to know that which smps is good corsair vs450 watt or iball sprinter 500 watt iball sprinter 500 watt has more amps as compared to the corsair one and it has two enhanced 12volt rail please remove my confusion
  15. A

    corsair vs450 watt smps vs iball sprinter 500 watt smps

    i just wanted to know weather corsair vs450 watt smps is better than iball sprinter 500 watt smps
  16. C

    Is this a good configration for medium range gaming pc or should I make any changes? plz suggest..!!

    processor: AMD FX 8150 am3+ mobo: asus m5a97 gpu: amd/ati radeon hd6850 1gb gddr5 psu: cooler master extreme ii 725 watt ram: corsair vengeance ddr3 4gb hdd: seagate 1 tb cooling: corsair cwc h60 cooler monitor: dell...
  17. G

    Help me building my rig (within my budget) plzzz!!!

    Hi guyz...recently i am thinking about buying a PC (mainly i am a PC gamer) which would be able to handle new games without any problem. After a little research i t made up the below mentioned config.I need your opinion and suggestion as well. (My budget is maximum $720) 1) Processor - AMD...
  18. NitrousNavneet

    No sound from Intex 2600 Watt Speakers

    A week ago my intex 2600 watt speaker started to sound harsh and rough. And now it stopped working. The system shows that the device is connected and working perfectly, but there is no sound from even one of four speakers, the LED of main unit is lightning too.I have once formatted pc it and...
  19. A

    Need Help with Corsair PSU

    Hello Guyz, I own a old PC with AMD Athlon X2 7750 Dual Core Processor + Asus M3A Motherboard 500GB HDD + 2GB RAM All configuration is DDR2, So i am adding more 2 GB RAM to it for some casual gaming at decent FPS. For this I am adding either HIS Radeon HD 6670 1 GB @5k or PowerColor Radeon...
  20. H

    where to buy fsp saga 500 watt

    my friend is buying GTX 560 and he is going for fsp saga 500 watt psu so please recommend where to buy online as well as in chhattisgarh(raipur) he has a thread already but he has no internet connection so he won't be replying so please recommend me
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