Need a storage Geyser for two people

Which is the best storage Geyser available in market

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Till recently I have used immersion heater for having bath. Thought it's time I upgrade to Geyser. We are two people. So what kind of capacity should we look for? Also the options I considered are AO Smith, Racold and Bajaj.

Kindly suggest me which one to go for. Most probably I will buy Kent Water Softener since the water would be bore water in apartment. We live in 3rd Floor.

Which of the below
1. Bajaj
2. Racold
3. AO Smith
4, Any other?
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im using usha lexus for 8-10 years, no service till now, no problem, no repair

heats in 5-10 is a very very big sized one
recently got a racold one that does not heat the water in a proper manner


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Recently bought VGUARD Sprinhot 6L Storage for 4.8k. Its a 300W Geyser and 5 start rated. It heats water in like 5 mins but 10-12 mins. is required to heat the water to a good level so that you can store it.. And it stores for about 4-5 hours.
Another model of VGUARD is also available for 5.2k, it was a 200W and 5 Star rated.


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Get Haier. We got it 15 days back it's a 25L geyser got it for 8K including fitting charges. 5* rated too.
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