New Water purifier purchase [Swift purchase]


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We shifted to our new home few months back. Back in the old place, the water used to come from the city water works supplied by the MC. The new place is in the outskirts and away from the MC limits. The water here is quite hard and supplied via bore-well and society underground water storage. The TDS measured came out to be 352.
Now the standards say TDS upto 500 is OK. Currently have an old Aquaguard UV filter, but i think time has come to get new one, mostly in due to the recent stomach troubles running in the family.
Have 3 brands lined up: Aquaguard, Kent & Livpure. Need an RO + UV purifier, TDS controller would be bonus. Budget of 15-16K (flexible).
P.S. Is a swift purchase within a day or two, any help appreciated.
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