new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds


hi guys,

new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds whereas tap water showing 72 tds
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i m worried as i read online that 0 tds is bad, is it ?


Cyborg Agent
You should probably first study in detail what TDS means.

I think TDS in relation to water means Total Dissolved Solids.

Quoting above wikipedia article:

Fresh water: less than 500 mg/L TDS
Brackish water: 500 to 30,000 mg/L TDS
Saline water: 30,000 to 40,000 mg/L TDS
Hypersaline: greater than 40,000 mg/L TDS
But, I am yet to find a source that says 0 TDS is not good to health.
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