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Smarthwatch For **Cheating**in exam+Everyday use!


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Hi everybody,I was browsing throgh the internet while I saw the LG G WATCH Google play lists it for 14k and lg website says its price is 240 something usd,

While Snapdeal,Flipkart are trolling it for 7k!

Now here's the question,If I leave a moto g or canvas nitro and buy a decent 5-8k smartphone (or use my galaxy grand 1st gen) then would you recommend getting a Lg G Watch?it looks a promising device (plus its avalable at half the price:mrgreen: ) I will basically read emails,notes and need a everyday running watch

I have NEVER tried smarthwatch but my friend has a galaxy gear and best of all I can use it to CHEAT IN MY EXAMS!(not joking lol)
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Honestly [MENTION=271931]adityak469[/MENTION] you helping him for cheating in exams?

Omg I necro bumped a thread
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