1. S

    Speakers in 2.5k

    Hi everyone, I want to buy speakers for my desktop. I want a externally powered one so that i don't have to waste a USB port on it. Also i want one with a woofer.
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    e waste

    where to dispose off the old keyboards, mice etc? which are the good websites that collect them?
  3. M

    HP Printer problem..

    I have HP PSC1402 Print,copy ,scan inkjet model. Each time i start it, it takes one test print compulsorily. so for even taking copy of single page, i have to waste one page un necessarily. is there any setting in its software so that I can disable its "test print"..? Thanks..
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    Partion a SD Card

    i was wondering if a SD could be partitioned, as used as phone "internal" memory. used partition manager on kingston micro SD card, using partition magic. it never transferred the next bit . is it possible, i dont want to waste another card
  5. ashishnehete

    disposing a 10 year old computer

    Guys i have been using my P3 machine for around 10 years now the problem is tat its RAM got burnt out and i am least interested in spending on a P3 and am thinkin of buying a new machine,but Where does the old machine go ? junk seller do not properly dispose the hazardeous waste in the machine...
  6. krates

    Harry Potter SUCKED ~X(

    Just back from movie :-x:-x Dumbest Harry Potter Part :-x:-x DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY IN THIS PART .. Download the movie better and go and watch TRANSFORMERS 2 great action movie and much more entertaining too :smile: I am so annoyed will post review of the movie after some time.. Caution...
  7. T

    social networking websites..

    i see a lot of people chatting away on social networking websites. the most popular one seems to be orkut. but my personal opinion is that they are a waste of time and to the amazement of my friends i dont have an orkut account.i see people addicted to orkut and people who only use the internet...
  8. pritish_kul2

    What to do of a waste scroll mouse

    as the topic suggests
  9. ashfahan

    Avi to cd

    SIR I have downloaded some .AVI movies from torrent sites.. They are approx 700 mb. I want to copy them direct to ONE cd and play on my Philips DVD...I dont want to waste 2 cds asa nero convert them into 2 cds.. please help if there any software to copy in one cd without loss of...
  10. Gigacore

    Torrent Querry!

    I want to create a LEGAL torrent! I've few bunch of Linux eBooks, which are free and distributable. I thought of uploading it to blog, but i dont wanna waste my webhost storage space. So i dont know anything about creating a torrent, than downloading it. Please Help me!
  11. krates

    php or asp guys which to learn

    well i am currently going to learn one of the above listed programming language can somebody expierienced tell me which one is better as i don't wast to waste my time ;)
  12. hansraj

    removing the auto recovery of lenovo

    guys... i have lenovo 3000 Y500 laptop which has the feature of one key recovery. Now this recovery is very basic with the os only . I want to keep the image with my softwares installed which iam doing using the ghost image. But unnecessarily the 10 Gb space of "lenovo recovery" is...
  13. shady_inc

    Shoot the crazy frog...

    A huge waste of time...:p http://crazyfrog.yourebustingmyballs.com/shoot_the_crazy_frog_mini_game/index.asp?s=frog&q=ringtones my best is 90. EDIT:new best of 92.

    PC Hanging after resuming from Hibernating....

    When I start my PC again after Hibernating it stucks over to the progress bar and hangs,what's the prob?Plz solve this as I again need to restart from scratch and waste again 20 sec to work again, I am on Win XP with 256 RAM and 25 GB partition.
  15. M

    Top Ebooks Available for free Download

    Hi Frnds, Lots of Quality EBooks(computers,Marketing,Tutorials,Business,Fun,Entertainment And many more) are available for free Download So don't waste your time and Visit at: Edited
  16. S

    Never waste time in wordpass if u cannot pay..

    well as a indian if you dont buy software i have come to conclusion that mircosoft word password are virtually impossible to remove ..oe get back i have tried it more 6 months..using diff software ..many about 15...but none of them really work so this is for info..really dont waste your time...
  17. S


    Drivers for Bluetooth Dongle Hi, I have a Gemini Bluetooth Dongle (yellow color, smaller than thumb drive size, model number seems to be written in white as BK05E_V1.01, but the second letter is slightly smudged and I am not sure)... I appear to have misplaced the driver CD and I am...
  18. B

    aap ki khatir dvd cover

    if u want full version of this cover without watermark go to www.indiancovers.co.nr Mod Edit: Don't start threads like this. People will come to your site if then find it useful. Plus why this image here? Why do I want to waste my BW on things that I might not be interested. Get the drift...
  19. aku

    Download Vista Beta2 (CPP) LEGALLY!

    Good news... infact music for ur ear... nw u can dowload vista beta 2 free of cost and dat also legally without any MSDN/TechNet subscroption... i dun wanna waste ne single minute of urs nw.. let da link do all da taking... http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=66411
  20. crazybutt

    beware of rainbowfc

    Hey, is anybody here a member or knows of a member of d cursed Rainbowfc forums.... i dl'ded a torrent from it and now am being asked for 5 pounds :twisted: for d pass to d file!! its my first torrent so dont wanna waste it...........help doods also be aware of all torrents attached wid...
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