php or asp guys which to learn

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well i am currently going to learn one of the above listed programming language can somebody expierienced tell me which one is better as i don't wast to waste my time ;)


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PHP is way ahead of ASP. If you mean the comparison between ASP.NET (NOT ASP) and PHP then there is something to think of. ASP.NET is the flagship web technology of Microsoft and they are continuously developing it. More and more of the richness being fused into it. Support for all the latest innovations in the microsoft dotnet framework. There are an array of languages to be worked on in the background of the page. I would suggest you go with ASP.NET. If you learn a bit of C# as the backend language (called code-behind in tech lingo), then it would be good.

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Depends on what you currently know .

If you are comfortable with Microsoft rechnologies like VC# , .NET2.0(and/or 3.0) then you'll feel right at home with ASP.NET .

if you only know HTML n a lil bit of JS then PHP might be the way to go .
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