Torrent Querry!

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I want to create a LEGAL torrent!

I've few bunch of Linux eBooks, which are free and distributable.

I thought of uploading it to blog, but i dont wanna waste my webhost storage space.

So i dont know anything about creating a torrent, than downloading it.

Please Help me!


Youngling can be of some help. The site is down at present and is expected to be up by 18th of Nov.
Moreover you will need some tracker for which the above site can be helpful. But the fact remains that the number of people flocking the illegal torrent websites are always multiple in number as compared to people going in for legal torrents. So in that case you want more and more people to benefit from your content i suggest you can also post your torrent file on these website. Another option is you can upload all you files on a virtual drive and share the same and then post the URL on various forums blogs to get more exposure.

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You could very well upload it to or As long as your content is legal, it will be legal. Doesn't matter which tracker you host it on.


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post ur made torrents if legal to *
make sure of the license.linuxtracker site is really strict on torrents.


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Won't storing it on some file-upload service like be more optimal than asking people to use torrents?


upload to esnips .. simple as that

Esnips is not crap like rapidshare 4shared or any $hit file hosting service
which all say buy premium or wait or enter captcha or no download manager or no multiple download and whatever crap

esnips is cool free social networking file sharing website... with 5 GB space and 100 Mb per file limits !
hv fun..!!!!!!
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