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I have downloaded some .AVI movies from torrent sites.. They are approx 700 mb.
I want to copy them direct to ONE cd and play on my Philips DVD...I dont want to waste 2 cds asa nero convert them into 2 cds..

please help if there any software to copy in one cd without loss of quality..


1) you need not refer as "Sir"
2) Do not mention illegal sources, I think mentioning movies amidst softwares is also considered illegal here.
3) If you DVD player has the option of playing a data file, then you can go ahead and write the 700 MB file as a Data CD, instead of choosing the other option which forces Nero to use 2 CDs

A CD drive is 700MB/80 minutes. So, if you don't write it as DataCD, it can only record only 80 Minutes of play. That is why its shifting to the other CD.
In order for the movie to have better quality, DivX recommends to write a complete CD for 50 minutes, I think that is what Nero does, which comes to about 100 minutes or so...

For you to write in a CD with video format (use this only if your DVD player is incapable of playing while written using data CD format), then you will have to use a software, (on the top of my mind, I am guessing Auto-Gordian Knot, Virtual Dub softwares, better to do a google search) and down sample the quality (bitrate) so that it fits in 80 minutes. I hope you know to calculate the bit rate.

good luck,
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